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Last modified on December 21, 1998.

December 18, 1998

And an even LONGER nap...over 2 years!

Today marks the 10th anniversary of The Curtain Society, and they had a foot stomping good show to celebrate. The show was held at the Above Club on Park Avenue in Worcester, and the band performed to a packed house until almost 1:30 AM. A surprise appearance by former drummer Jeff Paul was a big highlight of an overall excellent show with good food, good sound, and good company. If you missed it, you missed a doozy. Another highlight was a limited edition 10th Anniversary CDROM, which includes their 2 newest songs, Beautiful Song, and Two Wonderful Stars, as well as "Sleigh Ride" and another version of "Beautiful Song" entitled "Beautiful Dub".

In other news, the song "All Over You" was featured as background music in an NBC programming commercial for Saturday night TV! The commercial ran in November for about 3 weeks.

July 11, 1996

(Wow, that was a long nap... 13 months. :)

The Curtain Society are currently on a semi-hiatus (having only played a few shows in the past several months), to better focus their energies on a new album. Reports are that recording has been completed, and the new full-length CD, Life is Long, Still, will be released in September. This is good for two reasons. First, it gives the fans new music to listen to. Second, it means we'll finally see TCS return to a more active touring schedule.

Two new compilation CDs, currently in the planning stages so far as we know, will feature tracks by TCS. One is the third Bedazzled compilation CD, and the other is an issue of Volume. Which songs will appear? We'll let you know as soon as we get the same answer twice in a row.

June 23, 1995

If you read the Phoenix, you've probably noticed the pair of ads that run in the club listings area. On the left side, there is a Zima ad. On the right side, we have a similarly structured ad, featuring a local band. This week (6/23), the featured band is our very own The Curtain Society! According to the ad, their following is "rabid".

March 30, 1995

The Curtain Society has just received its first-ever invitation to participate in the annual WBCN Rumble! In the first round, Four bands will perform each day at The Middle East Cafe (downstairs), Cambridge, MA, on May 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, and 13. (That's a Sunday-through-Saturday, with a Wednesday left out.) TCS' day and time has yet to be announced. The "winners" (decided by judges, but crowd response is a factor in their decisions) will advance to perform in the semifinals the following week, and (if they win again) in the finals the week after that. Win or lose, the Rumble should garner a lot of publicity for TCS... the winner of the Rumble is guaranteed a major-label record deal (I forget with whom), as well.


Roger Lavallee will be recording and producing "She is a Flower," Mistle Thrush's contribution to the Bedazzled Records compilation CD Woke Up Smiling (#BDZ26), due out in July 1995.

March 23, 1995

Ok... the confusion over the title of the second Castle Von Buhler AIDS Benefit CD has been cleared up. The actual name will be Anon. It will be a 2-CD box set, and it will contain 2 TCS tracks. (Unless, of course, CVB changes their mind.) Other bands who are being invited to contribute to the project include Cranes, Siddal, and Stereolab... and probably most of the contributors to the Soon CD, as well. (Though that's just speculation.)


The Curtain Society will be releasing a 10" (yep, vinyl) single for the Inertia track "Ferris Wheel," with somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 B-sides. These are likely to include a couple of covers, and I'm told that the oft-(well-)played Chameleons classic "Swamp Thing" will probably be one of them. Release date is sketchy.

Another Bedazzled Records compilation CD, Woke Up Smiling, is due out in July. It'll be Bedazzled CD # BDZ25. No word yet regarding which TCS song will be on it.

The second Castle Von Buhler AIDS Benefit CD, the follow-up to Soon (which featured the unavailable-elsewhere "Love Ends" by TCS), will include one or two songs by The Curtain Society. (Again, no word regarding which songs.) The compilation may wind up being a 2-CD box set, and apparently will be titled either "Anon" or "So-On." (Depending upon whose information is correct and/or more up to date. The CVB web site said "Anon," TCS' manager said "So-On." We'll find out eventually.)


Two of the songs from Inertia, "Kissherface" and "Ferris Wheel," have been licensed to New Hampshire-based Jade Films for use in their upcoming motion picture, Eternal Desires. It's a vampire movie destined to be shown primarily at film festivals, I'm told, so it might take some searching to find it... but it'll be out there somewhere.

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