(Castle von Buhler AIDS Benefit CD)

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Last modified on October 12, 1995.

Released October 1995
Castle von Buhler AIDS Benefit CD # CVB4


Castle von Buhler's second Benefit (the first was Soon, released in 1994) for the Boston AIDS Action Committee. For each track in this 2-CD set (presented in a very non-standard case) there is a full-color illustrated "postcard" with an artist's interpretation on one side and band/artist information on the other. It's one of the more visually appealing packages you'll come across.

(Eardrum, for those not in the know, is a side project of the guitarist for the band Cranes.)

Tracks/Illustrators (GIMA bands' tracks emphasized):

solar (cd1)

Lisa Germano: Angels Turn to Devils
(Art: Cynthia von Buhler)

sirensong: Soapbox
(Art: Polly Becker)

Veronica Black Morpheous Nipple: Friend's Birthday
(Art: Glenn Wurz)

Cake Like: Billy Boy
(Art: James Kraus)

Chainsuck: 'Til My Head Explodes
(Art: James Gallagher)

Edsel: Fortune of Space
(Art: Jordin Isip)

Turkish Delight: Spin
(Art: Calef Brown)

Lumen: Filament
(Art: Mick Aarestrup)

fade: I Lied
(Art: John Weber)

Curious Ritual: Crayons and Panthers
(Art: Vicky Rabinowicz)

Atroboy: Posterchild
(Art: Dmitry Gurevich)

Sextiles: I Hope You Die
(Art: Juliette Borda)

The Curtain Society: Gravity
(Art: Tracy Mitchell)

Worldseed: Confessions of a Daydream
(Art: Nancy Jo Haselbacher)

Zutrau: To a Mouse
(Art: The Sisters Carrozza)

lunar (cd2)

Eardrum: Tuba Edit
(Art: Christine Red)

vastlesssmudge: My First Trip to the Orient
(Art: David Pohl)

Women of Sodom: Boots
(Art: Melinda Beck)

Felidae Chant: Splendour
(Art: Patrick Cunningham)

symbn prjct: Lips Acquire Stains
(Art: David Miller)

An April March: Ceiling
(Art: Susan Farrington)

Cinnamon: Rocketship Launch
(Art: Jordin Isip)

Frank Smith: Maze
(Art: Eric White)

The Moors: Belen-Gaard
(Art: Bina Altera)

One Of Us: 5 Years Later
(Art: Cristina Casanas)

Rabid Ear Test: Red is the String
(Art: Mark S. Fisher)

Richard Bone: Overstated Papers
(Art: Peter K. Wyckoff)

Eardrum: I'm Misleading
(Art: Cynthia von Buhler)

Out of Band Experience: Alien Android Succubus
(Art: Carl Dunn)

The Borg: Outer World
(Art: Nataliya Gurshman)

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