I feel the wind slap across me
A true pedestrian
A hat and everything
(A true pedestrian)

Given half a chance, I'd dig a hole
At least as big as me
I'd fill it up with sins and guilt and
Call it my epitome

Don't kick me when we're rolling, maybe
Is laughing at me

Well, sympathy
A true commodity
So priceless it's cheap
(A true commodity)

What did you expect?  It's all I wrote
True, I had more to say
But the words get stuck in my throat

Do you have to complicate things always?
There's a better way

With arrogance, you condescend me
Fear of books who never read me
I can't believe you're what you seem to be

Laughing at me

There's a better way
Comes down to gravity

-- The Curtain Society, "Gravity" (1991) --