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Released 1994
Castle von Buhler AIDS Benefit CD # CVB2


Benefit CD for the Boston AIDS Action Committee. For each track, the booklet contains song and band information (included below) and an accompanying illustration designed by a Boston- or New York-area artist. It's one of the more visually appealing CD jackets you'll come across.

Tracks/Liner Text (GIMA artists emphasized):

song: litany | band: sirensong
adam buhler: guitar, bass | kasson crooker: keyboards | jim maguire: drums | michelle poppleton: vocals | paul zutrau: bass | music by adam buhler, vocal melodies by buhler/poppleton, lyrics by michelle poppleton | produced by adam buhler | mixed by joel simches | recorded at castle von buhler | manager: cynthia carrozza | contact: castle von buhler, 16 ashford street, boston, ma 02134, 617.783.2421 | litany (c) 1994 sirensong
illustrator: cynthia von buhler, 16 ashford street, boston, ma 02134, 617.783.2421

song: seraphim | band: astroboy
darron burke: drums | jared dubrino: bass guitars, delay modulation | gordon zacharias: electric guitars, voice, concertina | recorded by darron burke at the cold room, boston | contact: 28 randolph street, boston, ma 02118 617.695.9575 | seraphim (c) 1994 astroboy
illustrator: william tisdale, 11 eliot street, boston, ma 02130, 617.522.9970

song: burning bridges | band: zutrau
paul zutrau: vocals and other instruments | jay keegan: drum programming and percussion arrangements | produced by paul zutrau and jay keegan | music by paul zutrau and jay keegan | contact: castle von buhler, 16 ashford street, boston, ma 02134, 617.783.2421 | burning bridges (c) 1994 zutrau
illustrator: carl dunn, 364 hollywood avenue, douglaston, ny 11363, 718.631.1641

song: love ends | band: the curtain society
roger lavallee: vocals, guitars | ron mominee: bass | duncan arsenault: drums | and special thanks to jeff paul | produced by roger lavallee at sound of glass | manager: bedlam productions [phone # out of date] | contact: care of apostrophe records, 17 marcy street, southbridge, ma 01550, 508.765.5592 | love ends (c) 1994 rojosongs ltd
illustrator: polly becker, 156 west newton street, boston, ma 02118, 617.247.0469

song: man on a bicycle | band: opium den
annette kramer: vox, guitar | christian gilbert: guitar | michael demma: drums, organ | john degregorio: bass | recorded by joel simches at waltz studios, mixed by y-mike at the studio, waltham | contact: hereafter records, 335 washington street #202, woburn, ma 01801, 617.721.0097 | man on a bicycle (c) 1994 opium den
illustrator: cynthia von buhler, 16 ashford street, boston, ma 02134, 617.783.2421

song: purge | band: orbit
lowe: guitars, vocals | mark: bass | paul: drums | produced by orbit | recorded by wally | music and lyrics by lowe | contact: p.o. box 381110, harvard square, cambridge, ma 02238, 617.589.9113 | purge (c) 1994 burned out building publishing

song: where the wild things are | band: brothers grimm
keith smith: vocals, music | adam buhler: music, guitar, bass | music by brothers grimm, lyrics by keith smith | produced by brothers grimm, recorded at castle von buhler | contact: castle von buhler, 16 ashford street, boston, ma 02134, 617.783.2421 | where the wild things are (c) 1994 brothers grimm
illustrator: melinda beck, 44 4th place #2, brooklyn, ny 11231, 718.624.6538

song: the infinite number of truths that remain to be discovered
band: symbion project
music and production by kasson crooker | contact: 505 massachusetts avenue #4, boston, ma 02118, 617.262.1724, internet: | the infinite number of truths that remain to be discovered (c) 1994 symbion project

song: riverflow | band: one of us
john creeden: vocals, words | joel simches: keyboards | peter devincent: drums | ed devlin: bass | produced by joel simches, production assistance by bill t. miller, recorded and mixed at headroom studios, summer 1993 | music by john creeden, joel simches | contact: one of us, 460 albany street, boston, ma 02118, 617.423.1246 | riverflow (c) 1993 sleeping in cellophane music
illustrator: jordin isip, 44 4th place #2, brooklyn, ny 11231, 718.624.6538

song: beyond reach | band: mistle thrush
todd demma: drums | valerie forgione: vocals | ruben layman: bass | scott patalano: guitar | brad rigney: guitar | recorded by brian mcelroy | manager: petrina katsikas | contact: p.o. box 36485, brighton, ma 02135, 617.787.1935 | beyond reach (c) 1993-4 mistle thrush
illustrator: rebecca fagan, 343 highland avenue #2, somerville, ma 02144, 617.350.7109
[Note: Rebecca can now be reached at:, 781-676-0061]

song: follow | band: midnight call
jeff johnson: guitar | shawn keve: voice, guitar, synths | jeff udell: synths, sampler | contact: idol worship music, p.o. box 201, somerville, ma 02144, 617.625.4509 | follow (c) 1994 midnight call
illustrator: bina altera, 16 ashford street, boston, ma 02134, 617.783.2421

song: it all falls | band: curious ritual
linda jung: vocals | sean o'brien: guitars | carolyn corella: bass | john coviello: drums | produced by eric masunaga at the white room, boston, ma | contact: gila records, 200 clifton street #1f, malden, ma 02148, 617.321.2546 | it all falls (c) 1994 curious ritual
illustrator: susan farrington, 191 middlesex avenue, wilmington, ma 01887, 508.988.0664

song: peers of the realm | band: inri
robert fiske and joe dietrich: guitars, programming | paul zutrau: lyrics, vocals, additional guitar | tom sauer: engineer | dave winslow: assistant engineer | perry geyer and greg hawks: drum loops | produced by inri and tom sauer | mixed at metropolis recording studio | music by robert fiske and joe dietrich | contact: joe dietrich, 1167 boylston street #1, boston, ma 02215, 617.437.1292 | peers of the realm (c) 1994 inri
illustrator: cristina m. fuchslocher, 16 ashford street, boston, ma 02134, 617.783.2421

song: midnight | band: st. chimerae
daniel liszt: vocals, guitar | matthew maneri: electric violin | nathan carter: bass | mark sconyers: drums | j.m.: sax treatment | produced by mat maneri and daniel liszt | recorded by personasound productions, framingham, ma | mastered by bill crabtree | music and lyrics by daniel liszt | contact: daniel liszt c/o maneri studio, 7 maple lane, framingham, ma 02130, 508.620.0249 | midnight (c) 1994 liszt

song: funny notions | band: vision thing
lisa susser: vocals | laurie hoffma: keyboards | lech savage: guitar | jim foster: guitar | parrish heppenstall: bass | scott sasek: drums | produced by max rose and vision thing | executive producer and spiritual advisor: john graham | recorded by max rose | contact: barking koala mgmt., 63a maverick square #3, east boston, ma 02128, 617.568.9789 | funny notions (c) 1994 vision thing | dedicated to the memory of deb richardson

soon. an art | music compilation

a collaborative cd of many talents | illustrators interpret the songs of boston bands | listen and look | see and hear

produced by cynthia von buhler, castle von buhler | designed by visual dialogue, boston | cover photography by william huber | mastering assistance by joel simches

all proceeds to be donated to the aids action committee, boston | $15 postage paid | to order or for more information contact: cvb, 16 ashford street, boston, ma 02134, tel 617.783.2421, fax 617.783.0316, internet:

cynthia would like to thank: all the bands and illustrators involved, fritz at visual dialogue, phillip at wzbc, petrina at wzbc, laura at wmbr, paul buckley at wfnx, william huber, ben cunningham, larisa gassell, john innamorato, david sheehan, martin doyle, joel simches, adam buhler, and richard d'amelio.

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