The Curtain Society

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Last modified on October 4, 1995.

Released February 1995
Bedazzled Records CD # BDZ22


You Never
Ferris Wheel
September Scar Two
Kissherface (inert mix)
All Over You (blue mix)
No Answer

Liner Text:

the curtain society are duncan arsenault, roger lavallee, and ron mominee.
engineered by roger on 8-track at sound of glass, w. boylston, ma
produced with care by the curtain society.
mastered by chris perry and the curtain society at silverbirch, toronto, canada

drums on "no answer" by jeff paul.

"all over you" originally released on chelsea 7" (BDZ14)
"no answer" originally released on 7" and where are you? cassette.

all songs copyright 1995 rojosongs, ltd.

band correspondence:
the curtain society / apostrophe records
17 marcy street, southbridge, ma 01550

managed by:
bedlam productions
[address and phone # out of date]

the special thanks list:
all of our families, barry, audrey, and andy at bedlam, steve and rob at bedazzled, charles blaum at sound of glass, jeff paul, kurt, gilly, barbica, vicki and kori, tiffany, chrisie, amy, joanne (september scar), sean, justin, colleen and lorraine, the nadeaus, jeremy and the jolies, cynthia at castle von buhler, the wackmobiles, our musical soulmates; an april march, puddle, curious ritual, mistle thrush, sirensong, opium den, difference engine, viola peacock, shawn keve, transmission (RIP), springhouse (RIP), doria at wbru, wunh, wzbc, laura at wmbr, lara at kcrw, wicn, wdjm, cfny, joe longone at the phoenix, brian goslow at worcester magazine, scott mclennan at the telegram, jim fay, tony schinella, t. max and michelle at the noise, mikey dee, jack rabid, jim o'toole, steve bartlett, polly becker, jennymac, michelle lavallee, mark crump, the middle east, linda at lupo's, and everyone who enjoys this cd, came to see us, or helped us in some way. we appreciate all your support, friendship and inspiration.

art direction and design by the curtain society.

all rights reserved by the artists. unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

bedazzled records
po box 39195
washington dc 20016

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