The Curtain Society:  Media Mentions

Last modified on March 23, 2001.

The Curtain Society have made the pages of multiple newspapers and fanzines since their inception in 1988. The following are some of the more notable media mentions so far.

May 2001 -

Oct 96 -- Worcester Phoenix

18 Sep 1996 -- Worcester Magazine

Dec 95 -- The Noise (Live Review)

Nov 95 -- The Noise (CD Review - Anon)

8 Mar 95 -- Worcester Magazine

Mar 95 -- The Noise (Concert Review)

Mar 95 -- The Noise (CD Review)

19 Feb 95 -- WBCN Boston Emissions (Radio Interview)

Winter 94 -- Warped Reality

Jan/Feb 94 -- Dewdrops

Late 93(?) -- The Big Takeover

19 Nov 93 -- The Worcester Phoenix

Nov 93 -- Worcester Magazine

9 Oct 93 -- The Southbridge (MA) News

29 Jul 93 -- Worcester (MA) Telegram & Gazette

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