"CHELSEA" 7-inch (Bedazzled)

From: The Big Takeover, 1994 (exact date unknown)
Author: Unknown

Last modified on October 4, 1995.

Talented Big Takeover staff member ROGER LAVALLEE is actually better known as the frontman of this Southbridge, MA trio, making stalwart atmospheric rock that brings to mind the post-Joy Division, post-punk early '80s heyday or the more recent Independent Projects, Creation, and 4AD rosters. I.E. it's surprisingly fresh mood music in the rock/pop guitar-band format, also reminiscent of long-missed London band The Sound. A big advance over their "No Answer" split 7-inch with AN APRIL MARCH, on "Chelsea" and its flip "All Over You" Curtain Society sounds majestic and all-encompassing. Lavallee's vocals could stand to be more confident, but it's an endearing trait at this point, and his voice is as big as the music. We're not afraid of giving bad reviews to our friends around here; but accomplished, well-done singles like this don't allow us to.

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