Middle East Upstairs 2/3/95

From: The Noise, Mar 1995
Author: Boon Sheridan

Last modified on October 4, 1995.

Not a bad Friday night: a packed house, a 7" release from St. Chimera, a chance for Sirensong to continue experimenting with MIDI percussion, and a CD Release from the Curtain Society.


Curtain Society's enthusiasm showed clear through their set and they hit the stage running with new tracks from their CD. The set worked really smoothly, from the opener, "Kiss Her Face" [sic], to the slower "Love Ends" to the closing cover tracks of Nik Kershaw's "Wouldn't It Be Good" and the Chameleons' "Swamp Thing." Roger's voice wavered a bit but I was more than happy when he let his guitar do the talking; with Ron and Duncan supplying a strong backbeat and rhythm he could let his guitar parts run amok and and still sound good. Roger provided a running commentary throughout the show, firing himself for a horrible tuning job and almost choking himself with a second guitar strap. He's almost worth the price of admission by himself; just don't pester him for his T-shirt.

The Curtain Society's Home Page at GIMA The GIMA Home Page

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