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Taking time out from recording their next CD, the Curtain Society return to the Lucky Dog Music Hall this Friday, May 25, to share center stage with Wheat, Dragstrip Courage, and Huxley. "We're really excited about the new material, and we feel it's the best stuff we've written in our 12 years as a band," says guitarist and vocalist Roger Lavallee. Selections from their most recent Bedazzled Records release, "Volume, Tone, Tempo," can be download at "Wheat is a wonderful band based out of Boston, but they sound like nothing around here," Lavallee explains. "Their record 'Hope and Adams' hasn't left my stereo for months. It was produced by Dave Fridmann who does all those great Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips records - the last ones in particular are two of my all-time favorite records. Wheat is a little more reeled in than those bands, kind of low-dynamic indie rock that sounds very 'Chicago' to me. Again, Sea and Cake comes to mind. Poignant lyrics. This bill is going to be amazing. We're really looking forward to playing with all of these bands." Dragstrip Courage, who also hails from Boston, have released two loud guitar pop-flavored CDs - "Prayers for the Lazy" (1999) and "Echo Rock." Next month, Lavallee travels to New York City to work on the RCA debut of Marc Copely (the artist formerly known as Marc Barnicle, who fronted Catfish Walk and performed with the James Montgomery Band, amongst others). "When I get back, I'll most likely be completely out of my mind from not playing with the Curtain Society that we'll be playing every street corner and grocery store parking lot we pass," Lavallee says.

As always, when Lavallee isn't performing or recording with the Curtain Society, he's immersed in recording projects at Tremelo Lounge. "Besides the Marc Copely project, I've done CDs for a great new band called Shiver. They've got sort of a British anthem rock vibe going (think Coldplay, Manic Street Preachers, Jeff Buckley). I also did the Huxley demo. They blew my mind. They are a real gem in this town. Very deep, poetic stuff. You'd think they were from Chicago - think Wheat, Sea and Cake, Luna, and Leonard Cohen all rolled into one. I finished up Denis Coughlin's CD, which we've been working on for years now. An eclectic mix of classic Beatle/Beach Boy pop. Jim Perry/Hothouse just did a new project. The James Montgomery CD we did last year is finally coming out. Huck is working on their new record, trying to get it done before I leave. Scott Anderson has been working on a project with me. It's been a very busy spring."

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