Portfolio - Noah Vawter

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Bitrecycling: To create valuable structures, enchantment through visual and audio art, sometimes increasing the quality of life. Valuable structures' components are selected from such diverse springs as digital logic, conservation, rock and roll, telecommunications, obsolete consumer products, industrial design, grassroots democracy, number theory, composition theory, differential equations and linguistics.

Musical Projects


TIA Sequencer

X0X (zocks!)

Game Boy Synth with MIDI Interface w/ Brian Whitman

Sbleep-O VST Plugin w/ Brian Whitman

Web Arpeggiator

Visual Projects

- -- --- ---- bleak ---- --- -- -


8-Bit Back

Commodore 64 Block Graphics

Office Supplies


Signal Processing Projects

Using Odd Math to Your Advantage

Original Effect Processor Algorithms

The Death Synth

Design Spreadsheets

Harmonic Ratios

Using a Drum Machine as a Melody Generator

Solar Vehicle Planning

FFT Multiply Spreadsheet

NTSC Video Signal Spreadsheet

Number Theory

Prime Number Visualization

Non Computer-Based


Photocopier Fractals


Electronic Engineering Resume (Text Format)

Online Links

My most recent work is on this page with the Computing Culture Groop at the MIT Media lab.

There is more to see on my personal web page. (Web Link)

If you poke around a bit, you can find Synthesizer Hacking and more!

I have more info which I haven't had a chance yet to put in my portfolio. Sneak previews are available here.