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RACS: Robotic Arm Control Systems

This site describes a multi-year project which I began during my freshman year in high school. Originally I started the project because of the requirements of the Science Seminar program of which I was a member. The project quickly ceased to be done solely because it had to be done and rapidly became the platform upon which I honed my engineering and software development skills. Over four years, my software evolved from primitive BASIC code on an Atari 8-bit computer to powerful custom GUI-based software written in C on a PC. The arm evolved through several stages of wood designs and finally culminated in an all-aluminum platform in the last phases.

Information about each phase of the project is available by clicking on the Quick Links on the right side of your browser window. Inside each of the project phase pages, you will find text, many photographs and even a few video clips of the arm system in action.

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Phase I 1989-1990
Phase II 1990-1991
Phase IIIa 1991-1992
Phase IIIc 1992
Phase IV 1992-1993
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