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little darling
it's been a long cold lonely winter
little darling
it feels like years since it's been here
here comes the sun
here comes the sun
and i say, it's all right

r.i.p. george harrison

words and pictures virtual museum. [via ryan a reeeeeeally long time ago. yes, i am cleaning out old e-mails.]

star wars script. [via joe, again a reeeeeeally long time ago]

many many film and movie resources.

drew's script-o-rama. [not to be confused with benj's plan-o-rama] gobs of movie scripts for your reading pleasure.

gods among directors. info on quentin tarantino, john woo, robert rodriguez, martin scorsese, and kevin smith.

the great guinness toast is tonight! raise a glass of the murky black elixir at 11pm.

let me think aloud for a minute. . .

the art of kissing by hugh morris. currently being discussed by anna. faboo stuff.


motorcycle touring for beginners. [via seann]

anybody want to buy a baseball team? bids due today at noon!

trot [that's not a name it's a verb] nixon named mvp. trot nixon. note that it is not gazillion dollar manny ramirez. trot nixon. my hero and yours.

what made my day, case 38 in a series. anna's discussions [1 and 2] on the art of kissing.


shopping. eMerchandise.

iam mckellen's thought's on lord of the rings. oh, this is going to be so good. [via fark]

control the guiness cloud. or just read wired's story about it. [via fark]

surreal moment of the day, case 10 in a series. the cab ride home after seeing harry potter last night. complete with the "i may be driving this cab, but i'm really a stand up comedian" driver.

rane tonight at house of blues - cambridge.


monkey sleeping bag.


you are my master!

the official bruce campbell sound library. [via fark]

ny jets choose shrek as their new mascot. [via fark]

star trek weakest link airs tonight at 8pm on nbc.

discovering the real world of harry potter airs tonight at 7:30 on wgbh.

into wine. this is great. i've been looking for a good wine resource that isn't just trying to sell you stuff. looks like this one could fit the bill. more exploring required. [via megnut]

rupaul has a weblog. [via weblog wannabe]


i hope everyone has a fantastic thanksgiving! here's wishing you safe travels, good food, and good company.

pie! Pie! PIE!


Grudge Match: anakin skywalker vs. harry potter. [via andrew via the leaky cauldron]

[i've been a wee bit swamped lately. tom offers this list of links. i claim no responsibility.]

Perfect, Redmeat

And let's see, dewalt (MMMmmmmCordless)

OH! And from May, Dido is Scared of Monkeys

And, randomness from the Knitting Fiend. note the sweater design generator.

Fine, and Mulholland Drive, reviewed by brunching shuttlecocks [dawn's note: haven't seen the movie yet, but plan to, so i didn't read this one]

And we'll wrap with more on Majestic

There. Format, and insert love.


oh good god. harry potter lego. [thanks to justin for the tip]

heard this story on wbur this morning. it's about a general store in hubbardston that was closed in 1963 [i think that's what they said]. but the inventory was never disposed. it's all still there. there is going to be an auction this weekend. some absolutely amazing stuff is up for grabs.

iron chef usa premiere's tonight at 9 on upn. william shatner is the chairman. if nothing else, this will be entertaining.


victoria's secret fashion show airs tonight at 9 on abc.

wpi masque's b term show opens tonight: frankenstein.

outtakes from the britney rolling stone cover shoots. right on that work safe line, these are.

funky monkey. [via weblog wannabe]


[i am exploring ways of setting off blocks of text so i can include stories. comments are more than welcome. dawn(at)gweep.net]

so, this letter comes in the mail addressed to "current single resident". of course i open it. it's from a company called The Right One.

"The Right One is a relationship company dedicated to providing the utmost effort in helping you meet The Right One. We have the best people in the industry who recognize how important it is for you, as a single person, to have a special relationship in your life. However, in today's busy world, it gets more and more difficult for you to find the time to search for The Right One."

included is a Confidential Screening Profile Form. "This preliminary questionnaire is designed to provide key combatibility factors concerning you and the person you would like to meet."

one of the questions is, "What is your social situation?" choices are: dating various people, not dating anyone, new to the area, too busy to meet eligible people, in a dead-end relationship, recently ended a relationship.

no choice for "dating someone, but he's the devil. no, really."


wil wheaton to be in star trek x.

Once More, With Feeling. [via backup brain]

"Bikers across the nation are revving up for a fight against discrimination after complaints that they're being shut out of restaurants and hotels because of their image as hell-raising thugs." i did, however, almost snarf at the 2nd to last paragraph. who knew? [via fark]

you say abate, i say ABATE. . . let's call the whole thing off!

huh. massachusetts has an ABATE group, too.

after a quite long hiatus, i am proud to announce the reemergence of the "what made my day" series. [wild applause]

what made my day, case 37 in a series. tom. for writing "tainted pie." sing it with me now.

Sometimes I feel I've got to [bumbum]
get some pie I've got to [bumbum]
have some pie of the kind that you make with facility
The pie you serve seems to numb my nerves
And I curl up tight for I puke and wretch on the floor all night
Once I ran to you (I ran)
Now I'll run from you
This tainted pie I've eaten
I've eaten all a man could stomach
Drank my beers and that's not nearly all
Oh...tainted pie
Tainted pie


heard outside my office door:
"rick said if she's still here, not to do anything. if she's not here, turn off the lights and lock the door."
"that's it? ok. is she still here?"
"yeah, she is."

i was tempted to holler,
"she can hear you. she has a name. and it is dawn. and she knows you should know that, because she heard rick telling you."

i heart my office.

[i need to come up with some new formatty thing so i can include stories like that. hmmmmmm. . . design ideas? anyone?]

lee's useless super-hero generator. [via mikey]

star wars trailers. links to both the "breathing" trailer and the "mystery" trailer from the episode one dvd.

funky lights. i've been looking for a good floor lamp. some interesting stuff in here. some really weird stuff, too. [via /usr/bin/girl]

Matthew Baiocchi [formerly of bakiwop fame] launches the rutabaga. a new satirical news site, a la the onion.

Welcome to the home of the Secret Society of Lesbian Propellerheads. unfortunately, the site isn't nearly as entertaining as that lead-in. [via andrew, who says it "sounds like something from the braniac69 series.]


leonids this weekend.

distraction. [via metafilter]

there has been a plane crash outside of nyc. please head to your favorite news source for the latest.


the brick testament. [via meri]

x files on sunday!


don't forget! the tick premieres tonight at 8:30 on fox. [the president is addressing the nation at 8, so it will likely get pushed back. in case you are taping or something.]

there's EVIL a foot!

i used to have respect for the mets. . . [via fark]

contraction now official. very sad.

harry potter sorting hat. another personality test. needs flash. [via weblog wannabe]


talks begin for the second x files movie.

50 cups extols the virtues of monkeys.

vegaquarian. brilliant.

24 premiered last night. the bit i got to watch looked good. [as walsh went into his "what i am about to tell you is critical to the plot and cannot leave this room" speech, the phone rang. mom. "hi, honey. i was working on the computer, and the pointer went away!" luckily, i was taping the show.] anyway, the official site is looking tres hip and will have clues and whatnot. [thanks to andrew for pointing it out]

the tick starts tomorrow!


happy san miguel day.

stretchy women.

many red sox file for free agency. oof.


where is my sunshine?

i said it before, and i'll say it again. damn. what a series.

crazy catnip bubbles. bubbles. with catnip. crazy. [via metafilter]

the raiders play monday night football tonight. . .


chasing amy: helping men since 1998. excellent article about chasing amy and the male psyche. it discusses the whole movie, so don't read it if you're planning on seeing it. [via fark]

what a series. damn.


welcome to november. only 55 54 more shopping days till christmas!

and 10 more days till the x files premiere.

and [heather reminds me] 15 days till harry potter.

and [while we're at it] 48 days till the fellowship of the ring.

and 1 day till monsters, inc. [complete with the first teasers for star wars episode ii.]

for tom. The Man, the Legend, the Chin: Bruce Campbell. [via fark]

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