Brainiac 69 vs. The Invincible Dr. Caprio

So, I'm reading and they reference an article from which references an article from
The real article can be read right here.
Anyway, the gig is that "scientists" put glowing bone marrow cells into the tail vein of a mouse and found that it migrated to the brain to form neurons...they cut the mouse skull open and found the brain was glowing...awwyeah. So, I immediately email Mike and a short dialogue begins.

me: This SOOO rocks. I'm going to super inject myself with bone marrow juice and become an INSANE SUPER GENIUS VILLAIN!!!!!!!!! this COMPLETELY kicks ass!
I will now be known as: Brainiac 69

mike: I want to be your arch nemesis. I will call myself:
And my first kid is going to be:
I'm going to fight you with giant monkeys that have human intelligence, and have big glass domes for heads that expose their brains.

me: I will fight you with with an army of robot cyborgs, all which look like Christopher Reeve (pre-accident)!

The battle begins...
Episode I
Episode II
And then Go Go Girl (aka Dawn) joins the fray...
Episode III
Enter JEWNIVAC 8 (Mr. Ripps)...
Episode IV

And the plot thickens:

(from Ryan)

RE: Recent surge in glowing-headed Superhero activity
REVIEWED: Committee number 401-AB
CLASSIFICATION: Top Ultra-confidence Security (Secret)

Honorable Brainiac-69 and Invincible Dr. Caprio

Our committee, under the able chairman-ship of the Senator M. Brash has, after due and deliberate debate, consideration and review of all applicable evidence, made a recommendation via the executive administration branch of the GSAO (General superhero accounting office) to issue one Gov't Scientist to find and eliminate you. Theft of ultra-secret-genius serum may not go unpunished without regard to the rule of law.

You are hereby summoned to appear before the committee or suffer the wrath of Gov't Scientist.

Should you choose the later, Gov't Scientist will fight you by throwing top-secret-energy-department-(exploding)-laptops at you. He will be difficult for you to defeat as he is aptly protected by lab coat and clipboard shield.

dawn: hmmmmm.
you don't think that Senator M. Brash and the Government Scientist are the SAME PERSON, do you?!?!

Gov't Scientist and his Mercenaries ...from Tom

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Episode VI - part II
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Bizarre relations...Spedonius. (Mike Andrews)
Episode VIII
By Hanuman, the mysterious Dr. Esoteric. (h)
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The Madame and her evil, yet alluring, Brothel-bots attack! (Kim)
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Code name: "Benj Lipchak". (Benj)
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Project "Cluck". (Steve)
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This is kind of a vague coincidence... Christopher Reeves wants his stem cells cloned so he can walk again. He's also pissed at Bush and here's why...


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