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bad astronomy. reviews movie astronomy, explores some popular misconceptions, and has a whole page on fox's moon landing hoax show. pretty spiffy. [via backup brain]

anne heche engaged . . . to a man! but i thought she liked girls? i don't understand. [mr. kettle? there's a call from a mr. pot on the black courtesy phone. . .]

surreal moment of the day, case 6 in a series. godzilla [king of the monsters] vs. jesus [king of the jews] action playset. check out his other auctions as well. especially the "fully inarticulate and posable" klu klux ken. [via fark]

bond. . . g.i. bond. nice truck.

i can't. . . breathe. still laughing. must. read. oh god. baseball's revenge of the week. [via kottke]

tiny ninja theater. [via /usr/bin/girl]

eeeeek! the suspense is killing me!


benj's gweep plan-o-rama™! spiffy! benj is my hero.

why i love massachusetts, case 3 in a series. proposal to follow daylight savings time year round.

ok, this is a little weird. MyRichUncle.com offers an alternative way to pay for college. they give you money. you commit to paying back a percentage of your salary. so, you either make out or get screwed, depending on the job you land. [via fark]

active cursor. funky. dare i say, spiffy?!? [via 50 cups]

more spiffiness over at snout. [via 50 cups]

buy my personal hatred. just go read the description. trust me. [via mr. pants]

the adventures of. . . action item! [via swallowing tacks]

note to self. weblog wannabe has a new home.


note to self: food.dood.

i see you shiver with antici. . .

download the solitare version of die siedler von catan.

why the human race is doomed, case 34 in a series. "We didn't think it possible President Bush could speak for so long without saying absolutely anything of coherence or common sense."

ebert on pearl harbor: "a two-hour movie squeezed into three hours, about how on Dec. 7, 1941, the Japanese staged a surprise attack on an American love triangle."

what made my day, case 27 in a series. kottke's alternative title.

this may be one of the saddest things i've ever heard. Father of Columbine victim says authorities lied.

since i don't know anyone involved in scaling buildings, here's some info on the gekkomat. [via memepool]

The Chronicles of George. entertaining tech support stories. [via zoner]

must. see. shrek. really. and watch the credits for nick walker under layout. and clap for him. oooooh. they've got toys and stuff. including the gingerbread man scene.


"First you get spanked, then you get spammed." [via heather]

search your family's history at ellis island records. which would be really really interesting if the damn search would work. . . [via memepool]

what made my day, case 26 in a series. Jiang on Bush: 'Confused and unprincipled'. *snarf*

why the human race is doomed, case 32 in a series. Jiang on Bush: 'Confused and unprincipled'. just what we need. futher tension.

why the human race is doomed, case 33 in a series. those poor cars. [via /usr/bin/girl]

personally, i think this is a lame sort of tribute. but decide for yourselves. towel day: a tribute to douglas adams.

i do, however, think that a tribute to him on the 42nd day of the year is a pretty spiffy idea. [i forgot how much i love to use the word spiffy. i haven't had cause to in a while. spiffy spiffy spiffy.]

Iris Chubb-Baggins. [via /usr/bin/girl]

alternative names for your s.o. i link to this only because of the 4th to last suggestion. [via /usr/bin/girl]

it is a Good Day™.


How to Raise Your I.Q. by Eating Gifted Children by Lewis B. Frumkes. [via fark]

so i've been getting hits from vegas recently, wondering who could it be. and then i remembered. michelle. so tempting to visit warm places. . . and so cheap to get to vegas because, well, they expect to bleed you dry in the casinos.

note to self: check out this link at home, since it's not really work friendly. i think. big bad chinese mama. i'm scared. [via mister pants]


operation swordfish.

you know you're a geek when: andrew sends along an e-mail with the subject: Kirk and a link to left behind. and you go to the web page, and all you can think is, "well, where the hell is he?!?!?" and then you realize, "oh. kirk cameron. not william shatner."

heather points out this entertaining review of All Access over at the brunching shuttlecocks. be sure to check out the editor's note.

my sister has requested that i "put this link on your website gweep thingy pretty please." how can i say no to that? www.ranetides.com. note the pretty photo. note the photo by. i am a proud big sister.

Britney Spears: Fact or Fiction? [via weblog wannabe]

as drak points out, FEEEEAAAAR!


cool weird site of the day. vector park. [via memepool]

the kaycee faq. [via metafilter]

another weird cool site. nobody here. [via metafilter]



hog rally comes to worcester. scary. [via chia]

a daily staple moves on. bye bye! you will be missed.

a town named beer. [via fark]

why the human race is doomed, case 31 in a series. "Taylor suffered liver and abdominal injuries in the accident, though her face was not marred." good to see we're focussed on the important bits.

people suck.

an emeril sit-com?? for the love of god. [via signal vs. noise]


"how many times must tokyo be destroyed before you learn??"

the roller coaster database. "The rcdb is a comprehensive, searchable database with information and statistics on over 1000 roller coasters throughout the world." oh, i am going to love this site. [via fark]

no. way. monty python and the holy grail is being re-released this summer. [via metafilter]


what made my day, case 25 in a series. "holy pink."

x files confirmed for a ninth season. gillian and robert patrick are signed. duchovny is not. carter's involvment is unclear. the lone gunmen series will not return. that's a damn shame.

asteroid 18610 Arthurdent. [via fark]

why the human race is doomed, case 30 in a series. $5.6 million?!? [via metafilter]



how wicked smaht are you? mensa workout. [via fark]

worship the monkey rock.

CheesyJesus.com. "truly god awful stuff." [via memepool]

woah. i am officially confused. backstage pass to the sir bacon site. there is some weird stuff here. . . [found roundabout via metafilter, through a link about doc ellis' no hitter]

what made my day, case 24 in a series. lower right hand corner of the comic.


woah. my very own thong page.

more on star trek: enterprise. [via tom]

there is a clippy game: xtract paperclip. you get to hit him with rubber bands. and they've got some pretty entertaining gifs. [game via heather]


"Ramirez is from another planet. He and Pedro Martinez are probably rooming together on Pluto." -A's pitching coach Rick Peterson

silly game. udder insanity. [via fark]

been a while. britney news for steve. she's getting her own video game. [via fark]

jesse asks the dalai lama if he ever saw Caddyshack. uh. great.

Scott Bakula takes Star Trek helm. hip.


"so long and thanks for all the fish."


"Feel free to browse my site. You will find me irresistible." indeed. irresistible is the first word that came to my mind. because i find men who wear eye liner irresistible. ok, i made that up. [via seann]

brainiac 69 episode xiii.

i hereby announce a new series. why i love massachusetts, case 1 in a series. Tortoise called up for jury service.

why the human race is doomed i love massachusetts, case 30 2 in a series. official donut of the commonwealth. [via metafilter]

why the human race is doomed, case 29 in a series. US to UN: neener neener neener!

the 5k winners are announced.

cnn sans ads. ny times sans registration. [via metafilter]

magicrobot. [via mr. pants]


allaboutsilverline.com. wild. boston is actually improving public transportation. go figure.

WiDGets for IE4. very cool. [via zeldman]

jay and silent bob strike back trailer. just released, so the page is swamped.

shopping. chiasso. pretty. [via swallowing tacks]


the salad of the future.

God's Debris by Scott Adams. [via metafilter]


motorcycle camping.

the evil test. how evil are you? the questions are great, but the final choice for number 18 is the best. [via fark]

american movie. there are no words. just see it.


what made my day, case 23 in a series. dark dungeons.


this is beyond dooming the human race. the world is coming to an end. Professor set to 'control' wife by cyborg implant. [via fark]

brunching shuttlecocks presents the web's hottest sites.


my sallye ander order arrived. the whole box smells girlie and pretty. they do indeed make terrific soaps. and they are inexpensive. and they are a little independent manufacturer, which is great. all handmade and natural. and they are located in the little bitty town i lived in as a baby. [aaaaaw.]

"may the forth be with you."

once again, i must point out that cdbaby is fabulous. indeed.

ok, this is the best search request i've ever gotten. it led someone to the september.2000 edition of the eb, where all of the words show up, but none of them are related to each other. the search? "thong shake contest." i don't know what one is, but damn. i want one.

what made my day, case 22 in a series. "a face like an angry prune." what a great description.
[ps. you're still a big jerk for being in hawaii thankyousoverymuch.]
[pps. we're taking you to the centre street cafe when you get back.]

why the human race is doomed, case 28 in a series. no singing at summer camp. [via backup brain]

NBC News Graphic Shows Bush in Riflescope Crosshairs. the clip. [via fark]


the jill austin band's new cd is available at cdbaby.

91 in boston today. and to think, just 2 weeks ago, it was snowing.

eat sushi, smoke all you want. [via fark]

ninja dispatch, where you can smite your enemies. [via memepool]

McCafé? McCafé?!? good grief.

henchman for d&d. i don't get it. [via /usr/bin/girl]

le gamin. mmmmm. crêpes.


pirate's booty! argh!

"I believe that what doesn't kill us makes us bitter. I believe that the obsessive worship of movie, TV and sports figures is less likely to produce spiritual gain than praying to Thor. I believe that Larry was a vastly underrated Stooge. . . "

chengwin. right. [via mr. pants]

apparently, somebody has a crush on me. my firewall prevents me from finding out who. so, fess up. damnit. [update: spam spam spam spam. move along. nothing more to see here.]

it's ben and jerry's free cone day! mmmmmmmmice cream.

we won we won! we kicked the butt of the best team in baseball*. booyeah!

seen on a bumper sticker: Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven.

diggit! the image search engine. pretty fabulous. check it out. and loan benj a few bucks if you've got them.

re: the AI thing. andrew points out that imdb is listing the sites as they become known. hip.

*best team in baseball distinction is based soley on their record [which is amazing at 20 and 6] and not personal opinion. thankyou.


ooooh. nifty. Bizarre Web game pops up to promote Spielberg's "AI".

Fun with Grapes - A Case Study. "The sparks began approximately 5 seconds after the microwave was started. Approximately 3-4 seconds after that, the force of the sparks separated the grape halves by approximately 1.5 cm, ending the theatrical effects." [via heather]

design a pirate. argh. [via tom, who points out that one of them has a monkey named stiffie]

"Greetings. I would be charmed to play a song for you on my cymbals... in exchange for your IMMORTAL SOUL." be sure to magnify. [via tom, who passed this one along especially for seann]

happy may day.

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