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Fired up sun creates dazzling light show. dig the gallery. absolutely beautiful pictures.

soon. . . [via 50 cups]

apparently, it's national cleavage day in the uk. "They stop traffic, men love them and women are rarely satisfied with them." [via not so soft]

matt has inspired me to finally share the veritable cornucopia story. [i know you've all been holding your breath.] well. tonce upon a whime, there was a gretty little pirl named prinderella. [oh sorry, wrong story.] well. when i was in college, there was a fabulous theatre festival called new voices. it was the most fun. during nv10, i got to play the part of caroline, a hippie psychic, in the dreamery by catherine darensbourg. for the part, the front of my hair [which ryan has deemed a wellspring of curl] was all in little tiny braids. one day, i bounced into the theatre [i tend to bounce a lot] and my braids were swinging and my curls were springing and my friend h [who happens to have two degrees in physics] got very excited [as h is wont to do] and proclaimed, "you are a veritable cornucopia of simple harmonic motion!" the end.

daylight savings time starts this weekend. spring ahead, lose an hour of sleep.

10 digit dialing starts in massachusetts monday.

saw the vagina monologues last night. it was amazing. wow.


[rob points out: "I'm sure it's about your going (as in your trip to) to hell. Try to have some Christian charity here."]

what made my day, case 19 in a series. snl video archives. you know, from when the show was good. land shark. cheeseburger. blues brothers. mighty mouse. bassomatic. oh, this is too good.

you've got to be kidding me, case 9 in a series. association of drivers against daytime running lights. first of all, it saddens me that people have nothing better to do with their time than this. secondly, i like daytime running lights. i wish everyone had them. my first car did, and my honda doesn't and i miss them. mostly i miss them on other people's cars. especially when it's snowy and rainy in the daytime so you don't need lights to see where you're going, but visibility of other people seeing you is horrible. oh, like monday here for instance. when i was driving through afternoon snow and thinking, "goddamnit! i wish people would turn on their damn lights so other drivers could see them!" [via metafilter]

[speaking of cars, i've been having really wacky car karma lately. been stuck in horrible traffic more than once this week, and almost got totally nailed this morning by a yahoo who apparently thought the stop sign was optional.]

you've got to be kidding me, case 8 in a series. monkeyphonecall.com. [via backup brain]

dubya strikes again. "thousands of small businesses -- Hispanically owned or otherwise -- pay taxes at the highest marginal rate. . ."

Hanna Remembered, by Characters Who Knew Him Best. "He never treated us two-dimensionally." [via fark]

monkey vs. robot. [via metafilter]

why the human race is doomed, case 25 in a series. yourgoingtohell.com. becase you have bad grammar. god hates bad grammar. dig the sidebar links. "Perverts and other sickos click here." brilliant. [via metafilter]

[i did it again. . . ]

dubya to stop holding formal press conferences. i have a bad feeling about this. . . anyone else think this means we'll no longer being told what the government is up to? or, we'll only get stories from the points of view of reporters that dubya likes? just a thought.

planet of the apes. remake to be released this summer. not much there yet.

what made my day, case 18 in a series. groove chamber. need sound for the full effect. oh, and flash. linked to their turtle movie back in january but didn't realize they had a whole site.


vh1 recently presented the greatest 100 albums of rock and roll. [full list.] four beatles in the top 10. bitches brew beat out kind of blue by 2 spots. a total of 15 are in my collection. pretty sad.

this morning on npr they had a clip of dubya saying, "i got elected because the american people want to see a president who takes action." now, first of all, whether or not he was elected is up for debate. and action? please. how many things has he stopped since taking office?

pizzicato five are breaking up. sad. [via metafilter]

fractal music lab. [via swallowing tacks]

locogames. [via /usr/bin/girl]


we're doomed. doomed, i tell you. [not the whole human race. just some of us.]

i take it back. why the human race is doomed, case 24 in a series. Pa. Church Members Burn Harry Potter, Other Books 'Against God'. i'm so torn. on one hand, they are burning books. on the other hand, there is free speech. i wonder how they'd react if someone burned a bible though. . .

gee. now there's a surprise. tivo collects information about you and is going to sell it to advertisers.

buy dehydrated water. right. [via 50 cups]


what made my day, case 18 in a series. winnie the pooh getting down to beck's debra. [okok, it didn't happen today, it happened this weekend. but it is still making me giggle.]

big winners: julia, russell, benicio, gladiator. i want her dress.

just a week away.

The Self-Made Critic's Guide to the 2001 Oscars. [a bit late, but still entertaining.]


today's episode. that in which dawn has fun with titles.

what are your pics?

what is your brain-washing potential? [via fark]

Excuse me, I believe one of your ribs belongs to me. [via not so soft]


you've got to be kidding me. [i feel another series in the making. . . this would be case 7 in a series.] PETA's recent letter concerning McVeigh's last meal.

have some rain.

raise your hand if ew. [another series? why the hell not. case 3 in a series.] mmmmm. canned pork brains. dig the cholesterol content. [via cardhouse]

did i just say type dig? yes. yes, i did. i blame you.

here's to the blue eyed cabin boy. . . [via fark]

match rockets. [via memepool]

a little britney news for steve. yahoo to air new pepsi ad. [via the morning news]


the onion's av club interviews ken burns.

top 25 stolen vehicles of 2000. i think i am a bit concerned that hondas appear so often on the list.


"in just spring when the world is mud-luscious the little lame balloon man whistles far and wee. . . and it's spring when the world is puddle-wonderful."

monkeys and the lone gunmen. "With femme fatale and puppy dog acolyte in tow, the Gunmen will find themselves tangling with superintelligent government engineered chimpanzees."

cardhouse points out the wonder that is not my desk. the review of who moved my cheese? is indeed faboo.

heavens above. how to find stuff in the sky, including mir and the international space station. [via fark]


the things i should do are in constant battle with the things i want to do. and the things i want to do are often caught up in a brain that, due to a history i've been unable to outrun, insists they are things i can't do.

why the human race is doomed, case 23 in a series. Vermont House prepares to explicitly outlaw gay marriage. "Last March, Vermont became the first state to recognize civil unions, giving gay and lesbian couples all the rights, benefits and responsibilities of marriage. The law, however, stops short of legalizing same-sex marriage. . . Supporters of the bill said it was necessary to clearly state that despite civil unions, marriage was not open to same-sex couples."

all morning i've been sitting in my far too cold office being far too cold. and thinking, "damnit! i can't believe i forgot a sweatshirt!" and being far too cold. so i finally decide that it is far too cold and i am just going to have to sit in my jacket all day long. i get up, walk to my jacket, put it on, and turn around. there, on the back of my chair, is the sweatshirt i left in the office last week. it's going to be one of those days.


happy tax season. [via seann]

reduced shakespeare is coming to foxwoods in april. [via truss]

*vroom vroom*

the united states' poet laureate is from worcester. huh.

snoop dogg and hustler team up. you must read this article. it's fabulous.


the evolution trailer is now available. play that funky music.

win the magical mystery tour bus from the hard rock cafe. [via fark]

monkey phone call auction. you've got to be kidding me, right? bidding is up over $200. [via fark]

GeneralZod.net. [via fark]

not if this is how you ask. [via memepool]


happy pi day.

went shopping last night. which is unusual for me. i'm not a typical girl in the 'love to shop' sense. but i went. and i bought something for myself that was pretty useless and a bit pricey. i prefer to categorize it as beautiful and extravagant. we all need some beauty and extravagance in our lives every now and again.

what made my day, case 17 in a series. "References available from. . . the US District Attorney." [via steve]

you have got to be kidding me. the elian gonzalez religious movement. [via fark]

starbucks phase two.

Doctor Links Viagra to Five Cases of Blindness. insert your own joke here. [via /usr/bin/girl]


Pedro dazzles in Red Sox loss. i am in awe.

why the human race is doomed, case 22 in a series. the ncaa has trademarked the phrase 'march madness.' er, i should say, march madness™.


totalled my saturn in september. bought a spiffy new honda in october. got rear-ended friday.

so, maybe this won't be the year.

the lego version of 2001 [mentioned back in november] is now available. it's got monkeys.

loony.org provides updated road signs.


sad to lose a game over a bloop.

do the dew shotgun. [via wombat]

today's question. should dawn buy this funky shirt? note that the back is black. thank you for your attention to this matter.

play pinkslip panic. [via /usr/bin/girl]


oh god. first there was xfl. now, x-span. [via truss]

happy international women's day.

peta bad cats commercial. [via andrew, who says, "i. . . uuuuuu. . . "]

the complete works of william shakespeare (abridged) airs on pbs. i had the pleasure of performing this show a few years back.


seattle earthquake art. [via backup brain]

y2k superbike. "The Y2K is the world's first turbine powered street legal motorcycle of its type, powered by a Rolls Royce Allison gas turbine engine running on diesel fuel, the Y2K has demonstrated over 300 horsepower and 425 ft/lbs of torque on the Dyno Jet 200." and it goes 0 to 200 in 15 seconds. [via memepool]

annika will be pleased. "Over the Rainbow" tops song-of-the-century list. [via metafilter]


scooby doo cast shot. [via tick]

gadgets for god. one stop shopping for all your god needs, or something. they have wash away your sins soap. the gone to see dad t shirt. and of course, the repent watch. [via backup brain]

"the 2001 5k competition is now open for entries."

pretty much for tom although other people may find it hip, i present the bridge builder. "Bridge Builder is a strategy game where you design and test bridges. An advanced physics engine allows you to build many different types of bridges. Its a very unique and entertaining game." [via metafilter]

fun new site that all the cool blogs are talking about: filepile.

"blöödhag is a band from Seattle, WA. They are dedicated to the promotion of literacy in a Heavy Metal format. All their songs are short speed metal bios of some of the greatest science fiction writers of all time. With songs such as "J.R.R. Tolkein and "Michael Moorcock" they will blow your illiterate ass right back to the library." [via mister pants]

movie ads banned in boston. [via signal vs. noise]


having a blizzard. back soon!


i couldn't have said it better myself. although i would like to add the following: who do you think is supplying money to congress to look into it?

loony.org provides this important virus warning.

singlecell.org. fun web toys. [via mister pants]

well. so much for that dream. dubya cuts nasa funding.

new rules alter lines on public sex. i am so confused. why is this a homosexual issue? do heterosexuals not have sex in public places? or does no one care if they are, because they're not gay? stupid stupid stupid. [via tom]

why the human race is doomed, case 21 in a series. because people thought putting arrows on the floor of an airport that lead nowhere would be art. [via swallowing tacks]

seven errors? seven errors?!? it's going to be a loooooong summer. . .

surreal moment of the day, case 4 in a series. listening to wbur do a story on the controversy between wbur and christopher lydon over the connection. and then i walked into my building, and the thing in the lobby that tells people where offices are. . . [there's got to be an easier name. oh. directory. right. don't mind me.] anyway, the building directory was wearing sunglasses.

i have caught up on my x files watching that i missed while away on business. and, well, it's sad. per manum explained scully's pregnancy. per manum means by hand. those guys at 1013 have a weird sense of humor. . . this is not happening had potential [gillian anderson's acting was great. there were some classic lines. "she's circling the drain."], but i couldn't get past the new agent. [not great acting, and carter is trying to pull too much of millenium into this show.] and the fact that he's dead. again. [yeah, right.] i hope the lone gunmen doesn't suck.


what made my day, case 16 in a series. a red carnation in brand new dress.

anti-everything. "Sort of like amazon.com but with more swearing." oh, i don't know anyone who would want to shop here. not a one. . . [via /usr/bin/girl]

web design tools. larabie fonts. [via truss]

make your own mr. men or little miss. i loved these books. we tried to get the whole collection when i was a kid. faboo.

how to clean anything. hip. [via weblog wannabe]

list of biblical contradictions. interesting. will have to read through later. [via fark]

web design tools. shyfonts. [via /usr/bin/girl]

oh great. we're off to a lovely start.

no x files for the whole month, as fox promotes the new lone gunmen series. this could be entertaining.

damn monkeys.

welcome to march. i was sad to see the february design go. it was faboo.

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