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bite my monkey. [via tom]

our commander in chief. *sniff* i am so proud to be an american. [via wombat]

schrödinger's cat webcam. i was talking about schrödinger's cat recently with someone. after talking a look at this page, i realized that schrödinger's cat is not at all what i thought it was. as a side note, the whole mad science laboratories site is pretty cool. [via 50 cups]

loony.org on jesse jackson.

sanrio condoms. inexplicable indeed. [via cardhouse]

why the human race is doomed, case 20 in a series. people offended by seeing "the v-word" on a billboard. and people wonder why we have trouble talking about sex. [via fark]

anybody want to buy me a castle? [via fark]

the god simulator. "it's good to be god." [via fark]

mirimax signs deal to make movies out of onion articles. i can't decide if this is entertaining or scarey.

the bald soprano is by ionesco.

jazz monkeys.

i don't know which is scarier: the icky nasty searches that end up in my referral logs [we hit a new low this morning], or the entertaining misspelled words. massages for nokia phones. precident lincoln.

it's heeeeeeeeere. majestic.

clue number 11 that i've been spending too much time lots of time, all of which is invaluable to my health, with certain people: when reading today's megatokyo, i swore that second pannel said "i've been training with the dancing monkeys of the california hills." [and before you say, well, what were clues 1 through 10? i would like to point out that 11 was an arbitrary number based on the assumption that there must've been other clues along the way.]


dancing paul. [via seann]

had the opportunity to see la nouba in orlando. it was amazing. beautiful to look at. being a theatre geek, i was completely blown away by the technical aspects and the overall coordination of it. amazing.

404, marvin style. [via justin]

must. read. dilbert series on positive reinforcement. thats the start of it. use next day's comic to get the rest.

shopping. timbuk2. heavy duty made to order bags.


ok, brief list of trip highlights. ok, maybe not so brief list of trip highlights.
+ this guy got an award for mentoring quality projects. he mentored 29 last year. oooh. his job is to mentor quality projects. so he got an award. for doing his job. i don't get it.
+ "yeah, no one is quite sure why he does half the stuff he does."
+ got kudos for a database system that i designed 4 years ago, and now people want to adapt it for their sites.
+ we closed the american adventure in epcot for a special dinner. and then had a special section right up against the railing to watch illuminations: reflections of earth. [sponsored by ge.] i attended said special dinner in pigtails.
+ fultons crab house dinner for 2: $120. and neither of us had a single drink.
+ during the 4 hour training session on our spiffy web tools, the server went down.
+ "and remember: everything is better when sucked from a monkey."
+ went to the comedy club at pleasure island, where they do improv comedy. i got picked for the first game to give all kinds of info about my life, which they then turned into a musical.
+ tower of terror.
+ aerosmith rock 'n' roller coaster.
+ got to tour disney's hazardous waste storage area, waste water treatment plant, composting facility, and recycling area.
+ seen on a t-shirt in disney: C.O.P.S. christians obediently preaching salvation. what'cha gonna do when HE comes for you?
+ got my picture taken with eeyore.
+ watching my mom act like a little kid.
+ lego store.
+ cirque du soleil.

back safe and sound. my bad return-home-flight karma kicked in worse than ever. i landed 8 hours after i was supposed to. ugh. more stories and info once i catch up here at the office.


still alive. see? and just for good measure, family shot! [well, technically, 3/5 family shot.]


i am here. i am safe. my hotel is pink. pink, for the love of god. 71 degrees, baby. why am i inside? must. remedy.


aaaaah. warm.

i was told this looks like a woman with laundry basket. i'm not sure how i feel about that. . . but i think i am slightly offended. maybe annoyed is a better word. i don't know. i need a wider vocabulary.

"I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days." [i suppose i should have mentioned this earlier, but you may want to turn the volume down on this one if anyone else is in earshot and easily offended.]

next week, updates will be sporadic as i will be on a business trip. 5 days, baby. just 5 days.

die screaming with sharp things in your head. it reminded me of dr. pokey's fun with sharp things. so of course, i had to post it. [via fark]

bulbo in a brief history of the 20th century. [via 50 cups]

saw this a few days ago, but couldn't quite bring myself to post it. all your base are belong to us. but now there is a rock video. wild. it's all about the meme, baby. [via memepool]

the center for the easily amused. [via /usr/bin/girl]


what made my day, case 15 in a series. fabulous e-mail from a friend. it was entertaining, caring, boosted my ego. . . all in all, made me smile a great deal.

major updates over at exploding dog. including you can feel science. which may be of interest to someone who can see through time. . .

hm. interesting. must make a point to go and see this plaque sometime. [via bluishorange]

oh. dear. god. the home page of peter pan. i take no responsibility for emotional or psychological scars that may result from viewing this page. [via fark]

a day late, but still entertaining. make your own candy heart. they look pretty good, too. [via memepool]

celebriducks. these are kind of strange. i will not be ordering any to add to the duckie motif in my bathroom though. [via misterpants]

this almost made my day. but not quite. spray on the flavor with pam. what is that child doing with the snowball? [via not so soft. have i mentioned lately how much i love meg's site? faboo style, content, design, and ani all in one neat little package.]

recipe: how to shrink a head. [via weblog wannabe]


"don't make me use this. . . "

sci fi channel buys rights to battlefield earth. they're the only bidder. they get it for a cool 2 mil. [via fark]

valentine's day "candy hearts": a brief analysis. this is very entertaining. it made me chuckle. numerous times. [via fark]

The real history of Valentine's Day. sort of. [via fark]

kottke has a little valentine silliness happening.

jesusfoodnetwork.com. "how do you like your jesus?" just another reason why i am going to hell. [via metafilter]

ginsing girl. just. read. it. trust me. [via mr. pants]

"You have reached ElvisFind.com - The Elvis Presley Search Engine & Site Directory. On this site you can find your way around the Elvis Internet, in various ways." i didn't realize elvis had his own internet. wild. [via /usr/bin/girl]

what made my day, case 14 in a series. hatten är din. or something. there is sound, but it's probably just as entertaining without it. and it's pretty damn long. but you'll get the idea, if you don't want to stick with it all the way through. although there is one thing towards the end that i cannot for the life of me figure out what it is. . . of course, that would imply that i was able to figure out the rest of it. which isn't exactly true. just watch. [via /usr/bin/girl]

the history channel webby site presents the history [duh] of valentine's day.


if you need me, i'll be banging my head against a wall.

oscar nominations announced today. perhaps when the site is less swamped, i will wander through and comment. because you care.

of course, you can't have an oscar season without the golden raspberry nominations.

loony.org on the napster silliness. beautiful.

pagebuild.com. it's just so bad. it's beautiful. beautifully awful. [via the morning news]

note to self: play with this when you have more time. fischerspooner. weird. [via the morning news]

whatever-dude.com. "there are people out there that enjoy quoting movies and reminiscing about TV shows.... but don't base their lives around it and don't need to wear t-shirts with cartoon characters from the 1980's to define who they are as a person. This site is for those people. This site is Whatever-Dude.com." [via fark]

secrets of yale's skull and bones revealed. good grief. [via metafilter]

i figure i should study up. national anthem. and stuff to do.

today's episode: that in which dawn attempts to be not too cynical about tomorrow. [maybe if i just close my eyes it will go away. . . ]


guerilla improv and the clintons and dubya.

hero machine. [via tom]

there may be hope yet. last night's episode didn't totally suck.

5 days, baby. just 5 days.

mr. monkey's index of famous monkeys. [via fark]

elementary etiquette for gaming geeks. someone is going to kick my ass for posting this, i am sure of it. [via weblog wannabe]


with this kiss. bid on a celebrity smooch. yes, steve, there is a britney one. [via ben]

woah. freeky. dirtdirt dreems. plus other fabulous things to play with. [via 50 cups]

oh. oh. must. have. blue flames. drool. the glow in the dark ones are cool too. and the blue patent leather wing tips are on sale. and they even have devil tails for you. the devil and the blue flames? [shopping, via swallowing tacks]


woo! truss made me a banner for the eb.

Florie envisioning return. balls of steel. steel, i tell you. [via truss]

masque's c term show opens tonight. The Love of Don Perlimplin for Belisa in his Garden by Fredrico Garcia Lorca. guerilla improv will be opening. february 8, 9, 10 at 8pm in alden hall. $3 students, $5 non. [i would provide a link to more info about the show, but the masque and theatre tech pages haven't been updated, and the newest issue of tech news isn't up, so there isn't any additional info. hell, masque's .plan still has info about nv18 auditions.]

Doctor Stumbles Onto Orgasm Machine. there are no words.

a guide to the blues. [via fark]

good grief. Anarchy Sign: General Racist Symbol. [via metafilter]


rtfm. [via jony]

speaking of amazon, apparently i have a wish list. although i have no recolection of doing this. . . weird.

oh no! amazon is having a sale on classic jazz. i am doomed. must. resist. buying. more music.

autographed gillian anderson photos for sale.

dubya's palm pilot. [via gmtPlus9]

giggle. american association of blood banks. [via loony.org]


as much as i love the veritable cornucopia line, i have a new one. the devil and some undefined quantity of curl. it is just screaming to be worked into this page somehow. . . ideas?

hatrack river. the official web site of orson scott card.

shatneroids. [via fark]

why the human race is doomed, case 19 in a series. Fox says no to contraceptive ad on "Temptation Island." ok, let's think about this for a moment. the sole purpose of this tv show is to break up serious couples by taunting them with other sexy people. and they won't air a contraceptive ad. right. makes perfect sense. ow. brain. hurtz.

why is the whitehouse site beyond my firewall?

zombie football. [via /usr/bin/girl]

Actually I invented IT. what. ever. [via the morning news]


what? ok, this person either didn't see the same show i did, or he is way too forgiving. which i used to be, i admit. but now, i have accepted the fact that the show is just stinky.

what made my day, case 14 in a series. morning conversations with ryan. they always make me smile, as he usually greets me with a poem. but today's was just especially nice.

info on the dukes of stratosphear. includes a hip section detailing each songs' influences.

Trivia Quiz: Test Your Geek Knowledge! [via fark]

this is the scariest thing i've seen in some time. monkey. [via strange brew]

a great day in harlem. "explore jazz history through one photograph." this is pretty damn hip. [via gmtPlus0]

the nerds. [via memepool, although you'd think i would've known about this. . . ]

gorillaz. [via not so soft]

gweep ate itself last friday, but our wondrous admins have made everything all happy happy again. but that's why you are seeing entries for fri and sat that i was just able to post this morning.


the three men i admire most
the father, son, and the holy ghost
they caught the last train for the coast
the day the music died.


stupid groundhog.

wise words from greg knauss today on fear and risk and regret.

interesting article on the links of illness to genius. Why Brahms Dozed and Van Gogh Saw Yellow.

apparently, the marilyn manson willy wonka thing was just a rumor. thank god.

time wasting game. cabeem. [via fark]

xfl kicks off this saturday at 8 on nbc.

why the human race is doomed, case 18 in a series. apparently, the separation of church and state is discrimination, and dubya won't stand for it. "In candid comments picked up by a microphone Bush did not know was open, he confided to Catholic charity leaders that his initiative ties directly into the abortion issue. The next 'logical step' from his plan, Bush said, would be protecting unborn fetuses." this thing with him talking "candidly" and getting picked up by mics happens so often, i am starting to wonder - is it perhaps all planned? or is he really just that stupid?


a day in the life of a monster. [via tom]

what made my day, case 13 in a series. starship titanic: the novel.* oh yes indeed. [via wetlog]

guerilla improv: we put the FU in fun.

please please please say this isn't true. marilyn manson to star in willy wonka remake [second story on the page]. "Willy Wonka is one of my favorite movies, and I think I can play that role like no one else." [via fark]

those wacky microsoft folks are at it again. hidden meanings. [via fark]

the bush countdown clock. [again, via fark. they are full of fun stuff today.]

maybe dibble should move to utah. utah names jell-o state snack. "Sen. Gene Davis offered ice cream as an alternative. 'Ice cream is not sexy. It's not wiggly and jiggly. But it is made in Utah,' he said.

kottke presents the best power point slide ever.

for dvd addicts. netflix. sounds like a pretty hip service. [via signal vs. noise]

since the last time i posted a link allowing you to make little people was such a hit, here's another. hero machine. [via /usr/bin/girl]

hi! monkey.net. [via /usr/bin/girl]

spark offers a gender test. i'm a girl. but almost exactly on the line in the middle. wow. [via weblog wannabe]

note to self: ssh help.

good day and welcome to february.

i've fixed the naming scheme for the archives. this will cause some angst for the search engines, but it's all for the best. please let me know if you run into any difficulties. contact info, as always, is over on the right.

to do list revisited, plus some new ones.
- fix the part over [gesture right] there cause it looks dumb in anything but ie5.
+ explain the veritable cornucopia thing.
+ make the about page i keep threatening to.
- fix the when? on the older pages.
- start thinking about a feb design cause i was stupid and used pink this month. valentine's day is dumb anyway. someday i will have a st. valentine's day massacre party. oh yes. someday. . . this doesn't involve shooting anyone. geesh! just people dressed up as gangsters. and lots of frisking.
- fix the naming scheme of the archives.
+ remember the other eb related stuff i wanted to do. . .
- add month to january page title.
- fix when? on january page.

*in case you missed it, there is a contest on the last page.

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