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looking for:
+ questions to answer on an "about" type page thing.
+ new name ideas. i am toying with the idea of re-naming the eventual blog. because i don't think i'll ever get around to any of the things that make it eventual. and i've been doing this since april, so the eventual is kind of moot.
+ any design comments or whatnot. i generally use ie 5, so if anything looks stupid or is difficult to read in another format please let me know.
+ contact info is over on the right. my name is dawn and my domain is gweep.net. an e-mail address is made up of name@domain. why do i do this instead of making handy e-mail links? just trying to thwart the evil spam-bots.


and if that isn't enough, then it takes the bat and starts whapping you over the head with it.


eek! dandan martins found me an unedited version of emmet otter's jug band christmas. this makes me a very happy dawn. woo!

there's that damn curve ball again.


star wars episode 2 plot summary. i refuse to read this. what fun is that? but i offer it here for your reading pleasure, should you be into the whole spoilers thing.

top 11 geek cult films. "Each film has been assigned an ALVG rating (Average Lifetime Viewings per Geek) and a Geek/Non-Geek (G/NG) Quotient (for example, 1/10 indicates that for every geek who loves this movie there are 10 non-geeks who hate it)." [via fark]

set has a website. and a daily puzzle. weird. [via metafileter]


happy holidays! forgot to mention i'd be away from the computer for a bit. it was a nice break, i must say.

harry potter and the heartbreaking work of staggering genius. [via backup brain]


the falling dream. fun cartoons.

bertie bott's every flavor beans.

wednesday night on the tonight show, jay leno had a time magazine with the dubya person of the year cover. but they turned him into alfred e. newman. anyone know where i can get a pic of this?

memento. movie that opens in the spring. funky site. [via metafilter]

make a snowman. [via swallowing tacks]

oh yeah, this is just what we need. rumorsrumorsrumors.com. [via /usr/bin/girl]

remember the missouri election for senator? the dead guy won? well, bush has named ashcroft attorney general. the guy lost to a dead man! i am not instilled with confidence here. . .

give me a hard time, will you? take that!

monkeys in france. "Sweet as babies, Barbary apes rapidly grow into powerful, aggressive adults with murderous teeth and claws."

strange things for sale on ebay. [via fark]

snowball fight!


surreal moment of the day: walking into the coffee place in greendale mall and hearing the chickie behind the counter say, "wow! it's go-go girl!"

e-com-con. quite the undertaking. it's all to promote the new lone gunmen show.

roller coaster videos. [via fark]

frank chu and the zegnatronic rocket society. right. [via kottke.org]

downside.com. link provided soley for that animated gif on the left. [via memepool]

read kim's thesis! congrats!


first, there was the 12 bars of christmas. then, there was santarchy!

xmas present from the x-files official site: pictures from an upcoming episode. mulder's back.

from exploding dog. that boy ain't right.

encyclopedia brown and the case of the supreme court showdown. [via fark]

i know dana will be glad to hear this: beer may be good for you.

NORAD reports on activity at the north pole. they also help track santa's activities on christmas eve.

what made my day, case 5 in a series. the jesus christ superstore. oh my. god almighty, "includes Kingdom-Come Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle, wearing Hallowed cloak of invulnerability." jesus christ, "includes Ninla-Messiah throwing nails and Death Kileer-Cross pump action over-under shotgun." [via fark]

a garland of peculiar holiday ads. is the wombat coat made from real wombats? [via zeldman's daily report]

beautiful piece at loony.org today on holiday commercialism.


what made my day, case 4 in a series [woah. 2 in one day]. the commerical for evil dead: hail to the king.

you can even buy your very own furious george stuff. the priceless t shirt is a hoot.

dan made the high scores list. his speciality? being an asshole.

what made my day, case 3 in a series. seen on a bumper sticker on the way to work: "earl is in the trunk."

x files chirstmas.

action park. it is now closed, but this article is beautifully written. [via cardhouse]

furious george has a new home: http://www.furious-george.net/. with the new and improved furious george on the campaign trail.

damn. [election humor via memepool]


the x files comes to boston. hip.

build a snowman.

we could get joe his own action figure for christmas.

analysis of the beatles' songs. [via the morning news]


pot safer than asprin. [via fark]

life in bush's america. [via fark]

Texan Charged With Threatening Gore's Uncle. the only reason i mention this is because of the opening paragraph of the article: "A local man who claims to be the king of England has been charged with threatening to kill Vice President Al Gore's uncle unless the Democratic presidential candidate conceded the election, a federal prosecutor said today."

find out when the space station is passing overhead.

spam mimic. turn a message into spam. why would you want to? [via /usr/bin/girl]


what made my day, case 2 in a series. in response to a work annoyance i was explaining to dan: "yes...sounds like somebody definately needs killing... but you're in luck, they are in texas, I think the 'but he needed killin' defense works down there."

crouching tiger hidden dragon. looks faboo. and michelle yeoh kicks so much ass. [via seann]

why the human race is doomed, case 10 in a series: saint britney.

reminder to self: bring work home when the weather is supposed to be bad.

evolution teaser. someone tell me what it looks like. my monitor is too dark or something. i couldn't see anything.


the bruching shuttlecocks' self-made critic reviews dungeons and dragons. ten years?

michael moore on the election.

voter cleansing in florida.

ate at ken's steak house last night. you know, the one that makes the salad dressing featured on super market shelves? anyway. i was not thrilled with my steak. i know someone who makes The Best Steak ever. and it has spoiled me.

christmas day, partial solar eclipse.

today's entertainment: cell phone theater. [via /usr/bin/girl]

dark angel is bad. so bad. i had hopes at the beginning. and then i wasn't so sure. but after last night's episode? gah.


just when you think you've got it figured out, fate throws you a curve ball. [hm. i think i've said this before. . . ]

graphics program suggestions thus far:
color capture and converter [via dan]
jasc paint shop pro [via truss]

looking for: a program that lets you take a graphic, pull a color from it, and give you the hex equivalent for that color.

more super power results
squared: animal communication
dibble: animal communication
jeremy: super speed
justin: animal communication
michelle: animal communication
the invincible dr. capprio: animal communication [makes sense. he does have an army of fighting monkey men. . .]

why the human race is doomed, case 9 in a series. fox's new reality tv show, temptation island. "Four unmarried, but seriously committed, couples at a crossroads in their relationship and 30 singles that are looking for love travel to an exotic location to test the waters of temptation. The couples, who are willing to test their relationships, will be set up on a variety of dates with three of the singles that best reflect their ideal mate. After two weeks of exploring the single world again, the couples will have to decide between a possible new love interest and their old flame."

supreme court rules today. and the world watches, asking, does anyone really care anymore?

for steve: survivor ii rumors.

a little viking news for chadly: the kensington runestone. new tests say it may be the real deal. [via metafilter]

don't be gay, sparky. "Of course, it would seem that putting twenty-one men gay men, all struggling to repress their desires, in a group home together is a recipe for catastrophe. And indeed, says Hervey, 'There have been instances where there's been a lot of unhealthy bonding.'" [via wetlog]


part 8.

super power results
me: invisibility
dan: super speed [i am overcome by irony]
dani: time travel
truss: super speed
steve: super speed
dana: chameleon
heather: animal communications
chia: x-ray vision
jony: premonition

four. five.

i cannot believe that there are people in this world who have not seen it's a wonderful life. but i found three of them since saturday.

virtual lego freeware. [via fark]

another silly test: what's your superpower? fits right into the brainiac 69 thing. mine is invisibility. i am not sure how i feel about that. . . what's yours?

part 6.

part 7.

saw the trailer for shrek this weekend. looks pretty hip! i cannot wait to see it. [this is nick's new movie.]

saw the trailer for final fantasy too.

i really enjoyed last night's x-files. it's been a while since i was able to say that. next week, doggett meets the lone gunmen.


a moment of silence, please.
"you may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one."

for those in the vicinity: tonight. guerilla improv. 8pm. riley. free.

melissa ferrick is playing at the paradise in boston. with sarah lee. it's sold out.

pah! and you thought he was just a lame duck president! Clinton: Pot Smoking Should Not Be Prison Offense. [side note, or lessons in spin: interesting that the cnn article about the interview only talks about this in terms of "prison reform" and doesn't mention the pot thing.]

why the human race is doomed, case 8 in a series: christmas is being sued. do people have nothing better to do with their time? yes, of course, people should be able to practice whatever religion they want. [unless it involves inserting big slugs into gillian anderson's back. ew.] but does that mean we have to eliminate christmas? there is a point where political correctness descends to the point of ridiculousness. what will we be left with if we eliminate everything from our society that could possibly be construed as offensive by someone?

finally! a picture of the 2 headed election coin. [via metafilter]

the tomb raider teaser is available starting today.

damn. star asciimation wars.


article in the globe about gaming. scroll down and lookit the folks in the first picture in the sidebar. [thanks to kim for the link]

the adventures of brainiac 69 vs. the invincible dr. caprio continue!

part 5.

for steve[n]: britney news. here's the full list.

curious george w.

oh god. Study: Most Kevorkian Patients Not Terminally Ill.

shopping: bluefly.

weird freeky moment: last night, i had to drive past the scene of The Accident for the first time since it happened. i was a little nervous, but i had to do it. the traffic wasn't too bad, and there was no rain this time. i was ready. i was prepared to face the silly fear of driving the exact spot again. so i did. there was a huge accident there. it looked fairly serious. there were 2 fire trucks and an ambulance. and i realized, i was pretty damn lucky.

went to passim last night for the end construction 10 year reunion concert. it was the most fun. and they played dogs run free.


michelle is pretty darn swell. she dug up these resources for me.

join us for the continuing adventures of brainiac 69 vs. the invincible dr. caprio! [i still think that an army of post-accident reeves would be scarier.]

part 4. apparently, there are a total of 8 parts. adcritic will be posting one a day. i must say, the first one was funny. especially the part where he looks at the photo. but they are getting kind of dumb. we'll see what the next parts bring.

ads for sonystyle.com have been pulled from tv. they involved kidnapping santa. you can view them at adcritic.com. part 1. part 2. part 3. i can see why people might take offense to them, but they made me snarf.

there is a poster out for david duchovny's new movie, evolution, to be released next summer.

lynyrd skynyrd has a christmas album?!? does anyone else find this a little surreal?

michelle mentioned that the page is easier to read in lynx since i moved the main table to the left. which brings up a good point: i use ie5 as my main browser of choice. so if this page looks stupid or is difficult to read in another format, please let me know and i will see what i can do.

faboo commentary on the election over at access.bakiwop.

seann, perhaps you could use some of these nifty glowing gifts in your efforts to become brainiac 69. you know, until you get that supply of glowing bone marrow.

just what every household needs. a talking beer opener. listen to it. [via mister pants]


in my on-going efforts to be a generally happier person and look on the bright side of things, i present a new feature at the eventual blog: what made my day. that's right, every day or few i will attempt to chronicle something that made me smile. as a sort of reminder to myself. or something. anyway, without further ado, i present what made my day, case 1 in a series. received over gweep: "it occurred to me rather out of the blue that you are both beautiful and wonderful and that perhaps no one has told you this recently .. and so i thought i might .. "

goddawnit! i was afraid i missed this. . . the troy victorian stroll. annie and the hedonists play there every year, and it is one of the only places you can see them.

looking for: an mp3 of dinah shore singing shoo fly pie and apple pan dowdy. found. thanks, andrew!

fox's official x-files site has a new mytharc tracker thingie that lets you map and cross reference the show. it's kind of funky.

if dubya had a weblog: bushblog. [via backup brain]

i guess he won. hey- if it's on the web it has to be true. BushCheneyTransition.com. [via metafilter]


are you a us citizen? or, would you pass the ins test? [via backup brain]

article about the west wing, which quotes the dr. laura episode. [via fark]

more info on saint chad. [via metafilter]

we now return you to your regularly scheduled eventual blog.

st. chad. the patron saint of disputed elections. i'm not kidding. you can't make this shit up. [via fark]

it's kind of entertaining to read about stupid boston things from someone who just recently moved here.

colleen from surviror makes a commercial. wow. what talent.

bricktannia. a lego community.

mr. winkle.


today is World AIDS Day

since 1989, visual AIDS has organized a Day With(out) Art to remember and recognize members of the creative community living with HIV and AIDS.

based on creative time's Day With(out) Art Web Action, a Day With(out) Weblogs was created in 1999.

this year, over 550 weblogs are participating.

in observance of World AIDS Day, the eventual blog is proud to participate in a Day With(out) Weblogs. today's links will be devoted to education and information about AIDS and HIV.


cdc national prevention information network


the AIDS memorial quilt

AIDS clock


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