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happy halloween

speaking of new albums, melissa ferrick reportedly has a double live cd coming out in december.

the bobs new cd, coaster, is done! you still can't order it, but you can download some mp3s from it. that is, of course, unless your firewall has taken to blocking mp3s. bad firewall!

a quiz that gives you suggestions for halloween costumes based on your personality. good god, can no one make any decision for themselves anymore? besides, one of the options it came up with for me was a disney princess. [via weblog wannabe]

pie in the sky. proceeds help feed folks living with aids.

the dilberito. um, yum?

How to Defeat GI Joe: A retired Army sergeant offers 30 handy military tips to Cobra Commander. [via mr. pants]


ooooooh! mmmmmelissa ferrick is playing in boston on december 8 at the paradise rock club!

[i forgot to change the date again. oops.]

in the realm of wild and wacky domains, i give you www.psycho-jello.com.

today, "man will take up permanent residency in space, a dream for a generation of space sojourners and the stuff of science fiction for even longer."

more fun with lego: lego star wars. [via gmtPlus9]

gillian anderson on lan switching. [via /usr/bin/girl]

yes, i did get my new car on friday. it's so pretty. . .


could it be? could i actually get my car today? i'll believe it when i am driving it home.

well, it's over.

apparently, someone hacked the yankees official site after they won last night, and put a nasty picture on it. nasty in a yankees suck kind of way. supposedly, you can still see what it looked like. but i am scared to check, because it was described as "Really, really nasty. Not for viewing at work or if there are small children within 12 miles of your present location." [via metafilter]

chris carter explains the x-files in a hidden track on the movie soundtrack. transcript. mp3. gee. that explained. . . nothing. although i am really suprised that this is the first i've heard of this. maybe i am not such a geek after all. [via memepool]

britney news. actually, i just included this beccause it makes reference to a site where you can get nude pictures of her. i knew steve would want to know about that.


hm. could've sworn (swore?) i posted this one before. . . willy wonka and the chocolate factory facts. [via andrew, who bought me the movie for christmas one year after i explained that i had been asking my parents for it for years, and they never got it for me.]

x-files. gillian anderson. oh yes. the desk for dana fund. [via andrew]

the drawer of wwweirdness.

aaaaaah, the memories. front and back. i wish we had the money to make these back in the day. . . [via tom]

405. no, i still haven't watched it.

the 24 hour comic. neil gaiman did one. but it was hard to read on my machine. [via josh]

and that officially concludes our tour of dawn's e-mails that she should have posted in the eventual blog a long time ago. thank you.

i think i had this one posted before but if not, here it is: doyle for congress. ah yes. i had linked to an interview with him back in july.

quick, dan! now you can buy stock in wwf! [via fark]

download the dungeons and dragons trailer. movie opens december 8th. looks kind of funky, i must say. despite the stupid "this is no game" line.


now you can get your very own bmf wallet. [via steve, who now has a page i can link to]

aaaaw. boo boo kitty. clemens got fined for throwing the bat. at least they did something. considering that, had it been regular season play, he probably would have gotten booted from the game.

woo! the mets aren't dead yet!

fun with lego. scenes from the matrix and monty python and the holy grail. and some album covers. not as cool as i hoped. . . they are pretty much just done with the lego people. but still pretty cute. [via gmtPlus9]

this guy made a green glowing bunny. i am not quite sure why. . . [via memepool]

that wacky billboard? prophecy or advertising gimick? you be the judge.


ok, this is a little weird. some rpi folks are letting people control their thermostat via the web. those wacky engineering students. . . [via fark]

apparently, laura bush is on her own little campaign to help get votes for her hubby. it's called "w is for women." shoot me now. as elise points out, "No, Dubyuh; I think W stands for What A Sexist Little Fuck You Are."

greg knauss presents the fourth presidential debate.

more old stuff from e-mail: heather sent along this article a while back: do you leave your mobile phone on during sex? my response was pretty much the same as heather's. which would you rather have happen? have the slight possibility that the phone rings during sex? or, just as things get really hot and heavy, have your partner say, "oh- just a sec. gotta go turn off the phone." [and oh, the search hits i am going to get for that one. . . ]

portapets for the palm and visor. including portaho and portapimp. of course. [via magnum]

i love you, you're perfect, now change is playing in boston. any takers? [via tick]

[incidentally, if you ever send me something that i include on the eventual blog and i get your name wrong or not the way you like it or anything, just let me know, ok? contact info over on the left.]

weird. weirder. weirdest. [via chris]

the clinton final days thing has been kicking around a while. but it's a big file so i never downloaded it. till andrew encouraged me to. good god, this is a big file. . . but it is damn funny.

andrew sent along the smart beep sumo wrestler commercial, too. raise your hand if ew.


ToyBuilders.com. you design it, they make it.


this goes down as officially weird. take a look at the source code for gore's campaign site. [via fark]

another weird site for the day: dyemyhair.com. [via swallowing tacks]

the first installment in achieving my goal from 10.18: andrew had sent these a while back. at the time, i had read about the mr. t vs everything website [which apparently no longer exists] but hadn't looked at it. but andrew pointed out that there was a mr. t vs deep blue, mr.t vs c3po, and, of course, mr. t vs britney spears.

another 10.18 goal linkie: AstroCappella: A Musical Exploration of the Universe. for some reason, the mp3s are beyond my firewall. weird. [via tick]

ContactAliens.com. send an e-mail message to an extra terrestrial. um, sure. . . [via andrew]

back in september, heather sent along a story about geek chic: wearable computers. but the story had no pictures. she did some digging, and came up with a photo of the LightGlove. of course, you can't really see the mouse, but the rest of the outfit kicks ass. you can view other stuff designed by charmed technologies as part of their brave new unwired world. but you'll need a fast connection.


so i am supposed to get my car today. and there is this big insurance crapola that i have to sort that out. so the wonderful michelle comes and takes me to the dealer so i can sort out the insurance crap. and while there, i find out that my car has a defect in the paint on the top. so they want to find me a new car. could this whole process be any more difficult? luckily, my sales rep convinces them to give me a loaner car until they find me the new one. at least that part has turned out ok. . .

see? bush is a big liar, too. [via backup brain]

update on florie's eye. [via truss]


anyone catch the west wing last night? it had a faboo moment where the president verbally attacks the not-really-dr-laura character. it was beautiful. i wish i taped it.

i refuse to do any of this to my new car. [via andrew]

converse (the shoe company) is going out of business. stupid math joke for ryan: does that make them inverse? or contrapositive? [via fark]

cadaver inc. fast, affordable, murder scene clean-up and corpse removal. you know, in case you need that kind of thing. [via memepool]


great article: nader and the push for purtity. [via backup brain]

my next goal in regards to the eventual blog: get all of the links that people have sent to me up here. cause there are a bunch. and i've been a lazy girl.


then there are those people who think that a subway series will mean an end to life as we know it. [via truss]

heh. it's the 17th. i forgot to change the date till just now. why didn't someone tell me?

car stuff is finally falling into place. . . yeah!

wow. one game away from a subway series. this could get entertaining. . .

re: the b5 thing. apparently they were originally filmed in widescreen but never shown that way. all cgi was developed for the tv. so now they are re-doing a lot of the cgi fo the widescreen format. i see. now it's cool.

ok. someone please splain to me this widescreen b5 on sci fi thing. were the episodes originally filmed in widescreen? or have they just stretched them out to be widescreen? cause if it's the latter, thats just dumb. why bother? it's not like you're suddenly going to see stuff that got cropped out of the picture before. . . i don't get it.

the folks running for president that no one has ever heard of are all going to debate. cool.

in the world of weird timing. . . odd that someone should post a link to this article on games dealers play. [via signal vs. noise]

the antichrist detector. my name doesn't work. "Results for dawn varacchi: Human Number = 875. Sorry. You are not the Beast." [via /usr/bin/girl]


they found me the car i want. this is the one that is $1000 over invoice. what do i do??

having proxy server issues today. . .

loony.org's week in review has a great comment on the bush/cheney ticket. it's like the 9th picture in. there's a good one about the state of politics in general. and a gore one, too.

i was hoping that this article was actually going to have some useful information about what presidents do. but it didn't really. just more analysis of bush vs. gore and foreign policy.

so, i am car shopping. i am currently planning on getting a honda civic ex. one dealer is offering the 2001 model for $1000 over invoice, which is $700 less than MSRP, and they don't haggle. another dealer i went to haggles, but it took me 2 hours to get a price out of them and it was over the msrp, so i left. good, bad, what? the only other car i've ever bought was a saturn, so there is no haggling. thoughts, suggestions are welcome.


if you've ever read the stuff over there [insert gesture to the left side of your screen], you know that i've been planning other stuff for the pages. well, i finally got off my butt and added the spiffy last bit of archives to the spiffy pre.blog. i know you're excited.

i've also expanded the links in the when? area [insert gesture to the right side of your screen] for easier navigation.

let me know if something isn't working or if you have other comments. contact info can be found over there [insert gesture to the left side of your screen].


interesting search engine: FindSame.com. it takes your url and tells you who has been ripping you off. [via backup brain]

Smoldering grudges were never this easy! sad part is, i know some people who would use this. . .

the flat earth faq. good read. [via fark]

why the human race is doomed, case 6 in a series: apparently, the chaos caused by jerry springer on his show just wasn't entertainment enough. so he's taken the show on the road. he seeks out white trash in their native environment, throws in a pinch of "did you know x has been sleeping with y" or similar fun news, and then video tapes as the sparks fly.

one for rob: the original cinema program for 2001. something's wacky with the page though. i had to try a bunch of times to load, so don't give up if nothing happens the first time. [via gmtPlus9]


"my dad and i wear the same pants."
"i invented pants."

[download the 30 second version. really. it's worth it.]

re: the beer gallery: heather points out that "Sam even looks better than Bud at that level! Bud light looks okay, but it's still just not quite right." too true.

interesting article about just how far out of hand the political crap has become. now i don't think that gore is the best man for the job, but i've said it once and i'll say it again: if bush wins, we're doomed. [via backup brain]

tequila as you've never seen it before. check out the rest of the cocktail and beer galleries as well. [via gmtPlus9]

noooooooooo! david hasselhoff is taking over the role of jekyll and hyde. [via metafilter]

.wav agogo. they even have an x-files category. and a winnie the pooh category. but there are only 2 in the princess bride category. and yes, they even have the simpsons. but just for you. [via /usr/bin/girl]

for steve. apparently this site has over 2000 pictures of britney.

for mortimor. duckplanet.com. ducks without borders.


oooh. diana krall has a christmas album. it's only 6 tracks and was only released in japan. weird. anyone who wants to buy me a present can send this along right now.

i watched dark angel last night. it was pretty good. he stole a scene from the professional though.


that's not paul griffiths. . .

i am in this in between working thing, where my massachusetts office has columbus day off, but the albany office (where my boss works) does not. what to do what to do. . .

2000 ig-nobel prize winners announced. [via fark]


harry potter trivia. no, i haven't taken it yet. i'll let you know when i do. [via bluish orange]

greg knauss once again kicks ass. GW Nutrition Facts.

gays make the best parents. "Studies worldwide reveal that today's homosexual totally kicks straight butt when it comes to roosting and rearing -- in categories of competency and nurturing." "For us to become parents we really have to want kids because we have to find sperm, sign contracts and then justify our decisions 20 times to everyone we meet. It's never like, 'Whoops, we got sloppy with the turkey baster last night.' There is no such thing as an accidental child of a lesbian couple. If all children were as wanted as the children of lesbians, we'd live in a pretty fucking amazing world." boo. yea. it's long, but worth the read. very interesting.

good grief this is just weird. the guy who hit stephen king (possibly) died on king's bday. [via fark]


hmmm. apparently my company has updated its firewall and now i can't get to pop culture junk mail. weird. and they've added a nifty "Please be advised that this incident has been logged and may be tracked and reported to Management." ooooh. scarey.

i know i spell scarey wrong. i do it consistently pretty much on purpose. scarey is just much scarier than scary, don't you think? no word as short as scary can be truly scarey.


so i am looking for a new car. so rob sends e-mail that says: this is what go-go girl should drive! oooh. spiffy.


my cousin sent this one along: www.slaphillary.com.

why the human race is doomed, case 5 in a series: stephen hawking says so.

and why we're doomed if bush wins: he wants to open 1.5 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for drilling.

geesh. too bad i didn't know about this last week: chubby checker twister. [via gmtPlus9]

e-quill. a handy and fun tool. mark up web pages for others to see. [via kottke.org]

chapman up for parole today.


thank you for your patience. welcome to october. we will be with you shortly. in the meantime, please visit september.

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