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the sites that appeared in my .plan before i started keeping track of the dates

i have converted this archived list o' sites that i keep in .weirdweb in my gweep account into, well, a list o' sites. but they are spiffy links with spiffy descriptions instead of just text. yes indeedie.

i could probably figure out the exact dates that some of these showed up in my .plan, but i'd never be able to get all of them so why bother? so here they are in one big list (which is actually in reverse chronological order) with some sort of description as to what they are.

ok, so it's one big list separated into little bits. i separated the sites into the groups that likely appeared together in my .plan based on a common theme. or something.

this section defies all the stuff established above about reverse chronological order and being separated into groups based on a common theme. these sites appeared in my .plan after i started keeping the eventual blog, but they somehow never made it over to the blog pages. don't ask me. i dunno how it happened.

neuticles. testicular implants for animals.

no idea what this was at the time i posted it. . .

artichoke power!

fungusumungus no longer works.

the elian wassup parody.

lord of the rings trailers.

rocker gets dropped to the minors. sing it with me. nananana, nananana, hey hey hey, goodbye.

once upon a time, they could win games.

at one time, this had something to do with baseball. . .

furby autopsy.

are you sure you remember ever posting this ever? um, nope.

yea toys! gravilux.

agents mouldy and scurvy investigate the disappearance of jesus' body in the sev files. warning: the story is unfinished because they want you to buy the book. but it is still damn funny.

sims: american beauty in ASCII

you know you're having a bad day when. . . you're a guy, and you find out you're pregnant. [see? now this is one of those cases where i could make a pretty good guess at dating when i posted this. but i won't.]

you know you're having a bad day when. . . you come home from a hard day of work to find your family arranging your funeral. [this is where i should take a moment to point out that you may find broken links around here. cause i don't go back and delete ones that stop working or anything. i just happen to remeber what this story was about because it was that whole bad day theme.]

the world's largest fully-functional Tetris game

real, or computer game? you be the judge.

toys of the weird: BorgBies

darth pikachu

make your own hot dogs from table scraps. um, ew.

marshmallow bunny survival tests.

easter bunny loses head to mugger. i dont know whether to laugh or cry. . .

the surrealist compliment generator. i have no idea what i got the first time this was in my .plan [remember? i didn't start keeping track till mid-april?] but i just got "Be still, my love, my watermelon rind. I am consumed with your collection of agile fans and spare blades."

this guy collects photos of weird signs and then posts them on this page. notice how many are from boston. . .

touch the frog

when i first went back to this page, i thought, "hm. i don't remember linking here." then i noticed a side link to this page, and i thought "ah. this one i remember." he must've had it as the front page at one point.

the cia is (was) looking to hire theatre techs. [another page that just isn't there anymore. oh well.]

the end of an era: ben and jerry's bought out by unilever. cry.

lite brite! [note: this is a resource hog. but much fun.]

why would you want to buy casket furniture?

[ok there is no common theme for the above links. but most of the ones in the next section are about movies so i split them here. i never said the splitting thing would work out perfectly. . . ]

south park's tribute to monty python

the matrix as told by

microsoft vs. sun

when i first linked here, i think it was an article asking celebrities who they could take in a fight. althought the current article (on 7.2.2000) is about aardman and chicken run. pretty cool. i didn't realize they had signed on to do 4 more feature films. . . one of which is going to be wallace and gromit. of course, this is the onion. . .

really funny review of the skulls.

the last page of the internet

at one point, there was this whole peep craze going on, so i posted the peep dance

the official peeps homepage: peepsville. [i warned you there was this whole peeps thing going on.]

even more peeps: voyage of the peep-o-nauts

star dudes

spying in schools: real life or a movie? you be the judge.

in the i-gotta-get-me-some-of-that depatment, plasma laces.

i have no recollection of what this was. oh well.

the always entertaining (and often updated) pimpwar! [i think this site has gotten too fancy for it's own good. it crashed on my slow connection. ugh.]

and t' help you's in ya' pimpin', de jibe translato'. [translation: and to help you in your pimping, the jive translator.]

fun with physics. [the soda constructor has actually moved to a new home.]

this was alink to a doonesbury comic featuring ge. but it's gone. because they only keep a 30 day archive. bummer.

sue's secret is out. a woman's guide on how to pee standing up. i cannot believe there is a page dedicated to this. not only that, but it is part of a site called restrooms of the future. good grief.

amazingly funny oscar review by dusty, the fat bitter cat.

another entry in the world of weird urls: oooOOOoooh! you can register to win a free pair of boxers!

george w. bush for president. [i have no recollection of what story appeared on the front page when i first linked to this. . . ]

the best dressed pair at the oscars.

that's not how you drill a hole in your head. . . this is how you drill a hole in your head! cracks me up. they even have pdfs that you can download and print out and make your own stickers to wreak havoc with.

since i first posted the mazdalicious with a plea to my engineering friends to make me one, there have been many discussions on the topic. we're looking for a malibu to convert into the malibubarbie. barbie. as in austrailian for barbeque. not the doll. the malibubarbie will not have boobs. no siree!

superbad is a total trip. major time suck.

brad the game. this is very disturbing. . . especially the part where you can shit a brick and then use it to draw on pants. ew.

a slightly different wpi.

a drinking prayer. [i posted this on the eve of a weekend filled with parties.]

you can buy biblical action figures. riiight. [i found this link on cardhouse under the description, "Black Jesus and White Jesus fight to figure out who's the bestest son of God!"]

inspired by the biblical action figures, tom and i discussed what would happen if you played with the biblical figures with more traditional action figures. the result? my ticket to hell.

wassup superfriends. so worth the download time.

this is the site that really started it all and got all my friends hooked: furious george and the cross-country crime spree.

identity swap database. not really sure what this is for. but i know it's wacky.

the first site i ever posted in my .plan: sissy fight.

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