Saturday Morning Cartoon Toy Adverts

Turn the volume ALL THE WAY UP! Here are a few WORDS from our SPONSORS before returning to more ANIMATED VIOLENCE and PRODUCT TIE-IN!

From Radio City Music Hall...
the latest in Lockheed-Martin Corp's Obi-Wan Kenobi Gang line ...
Evil Henrietta Pussycat!
Rodan says "Just grab 'im in the biscuits! and remember: You too can befriend the Wolves".

It's Moon Base Hair Stylist! New from Beatrice.

The latest from SRI, LLP!
Groovy Throwing Stars for Union Boss Cable Tester!
Still legal in four states!

Really awesome...
From Under the Sea...
the latest in KidCo, LLP's Happy Fun Ball line ...
Obi-Wan Kenobi!
Darth Vader reminds you "Math is hard and remember: Your mama's so fat n black, she jumped in the ocean and they thought she was an oil spill.".

Just in time for Easter - from Galoob Heavy Industries
Mosquito's Blood, for Emperor-Corps line
and new Fashion Plate Big Red!

Crocodile's Blood sold separately.

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Joe Provo