Saturday Morning Cartoon Toy Adverts

Turn the volume ALL THE WAY UP! Here are a few WORDS from our SPONSORS before returning to more ANIMATED VIOLENCE and PRODUCT TIE-IN!

It's Anatomically Correct Major Doom Wets! New, from Maas-Neotek, LLC.

From A Galaxy Far, Far Away...
the latest in Mattel's Hello Larry _Eric Dolphy Returns_ Playset series ...
Matt Cross!
Shields and Yarnell remind you "Call our 900 number, and remember: Now you know, and knowing is half the battle".

New from Parker Aunts, Inc.!
Eighth Wife, for Lieutenant Death Hand Drill series
and new Jazz Musician Mr. Webmistress!

Still legal in eight states!

It's Prom Queen Lieutenant Destruction! New from Raytheon.

From Downtown...
the latest in Marx's Destruction Gang series ...
Big Indigo!

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Joe Provo