Saturday Morning Cartoon Toy Adverts

Turn the volume ALL THE WAY UP! Here are a few WORDS from our SPONSORS before returning to more ANIMATED VIOLENCE and PRODUCT TIE-IN!

New from KidCo!
1950's Outfit, for Swine-Family line
and new Crack-smokin' Seann Ives!

Monica Vooinsky says "You're my friend".

The latest from Ohio Art!
Extreme Leisure Suit for Major Death Dirt Bike!
McLean Stevenson says "Watch my Wednesday Evening cartoon show and remember: Never Whistle while you're pissing".

The latest from Coleco!
Current Sanitation Engineer Sidekick for Happy Fun Ball!
Kitten's Blood sold separately.

It's Politically Correct Steve Reeves Farts! New, from Beatrice.

It's Zorak! New from Bandai, Ltd..

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Joe Provo