Saturday Morning Cartoon Toy Adverts

Turn the volume ALL THE WAY UP! Here are a few WORDS from our SPONSORS before returning to more ANIMATED VIOLENCE and PRODUCT TIE-IN!

From Under the Sea...
the latest in XYN, Co.'s Victor Mature Chia Grand Piano line ...
Professor Chromedome!
Not suitable for children under three.

Retro Fourth Wife for Fungus-Family!
From Maas-Neotek!
In stores now!
Contains small parts.

You'll wait in line for Minutes for:
Porsche for IPv6 Yentl Figurine
You put it together!

The latest from DEC!
Hip Kazoo for Exotic Dancer Brigade!
Contains small parts.

It's King Friday XIII! New from Parker Fathers.
Some restrictions apply.

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Joe Provo