"Catfish" Joe's Frequently Modulating World-Wide-Weirdness

Sing it to the crazies
Sing it to the ladies
sing it to the aliens an' asteroids

-Cheese On Bread

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What is FNORD? FNORD re-arranges your spice rack by use, then alphabetically!

Little-known Crimson Fact Number Eleven:
He played Stephen in MW Rep's production (in the round) of Israel Horovitz's Line (1991).

"A critical eye is the core of American patriotism. Blind faith is the core of facism."
- Joe Provo

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And as a parting shot, the Weekly World Spew's movie theatre coming attractions:

   Now Playing at the Riverside Drive-In:

   Based upon TRUE events...

  *** Nookie of the Sensuous Goldfish ***

   With that lovable Lil' Shoggie! Also

   *** Highway of the Brain Eating Insomniacs ***

   BOTH Features Are Filmed in Smell-O-Vision...
   you can tell quality when it smells!!!