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There's something I don't like
about a band that always smiles.

-Dead Kennedys

Every page on the net is "under construction". These pages are "under mutation"; they change every time they are visited, barring a few nescessary constants. If you're lazy enough to stay here fifteen minutes and your browser supports META tags, we'll reload the page for you.

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What if the DNS could tell you the geographic relationship of network topology? [RFC 1876 Now!]

Totally Random Joe Fact Number Five:
He used to have a late-night radio show on WICN in Worcester Massachusetts. He resigned after three years when he was told to pull a Steven Jesse Bernstein spoken word piece off the air. WICN no longer plays rock and roll.

"I'm not quite sure what sort of mind it takes to see a webserver in a printer as a feature, and I don't think I want to know."
--der Mouse

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Want more spew? There's a bug in my office. Let's eavesdrop on the engineers...

And as a parting shot, one of those insufferable Saturday Morning toy advertizements:

Retro Seventh Wife for Mr. Hinky Buffalo-Skin Pumps! 
From Beatrice, Co.! 
In stores now! 
Contains small parts.