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I often wonder what I'm worth
But I won't take shit from you or anyone

-Mission Of Burma

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What is FNORD? FNORD is a palindrome for "Total Frontal Lobotomy"!

Rather Obvious Catfish Provo Fact Number 70:
He used to have a late-night radio show on WICN in Worcester Massachusetts. He resigned after three years when he was told to pull a Steven Jesse Bernstein spoken word piece off the air. WICN no longer plays rock and roll.

"Ops mean never getting to say "I'm busy"."
- Joe Provo

I suggest checking out Jack Jansen, Bozo Texino, or Ian Heavens Memorial.

Want more spew? If you need to calm down, read some haiku.

And as a parting shot, one of those insufferable Saturday Morning toy advertizements:

Just in time for Your Aunt's Birthday:
 Bussard Ramjet for Fashion Plate Engineer!
From Atari's Prawn-Brigade and friends. 
Mz. Homemaker says "Smoking is cool".