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Cutesy neoligisms like: "Web 2.0". Sorry Tim O'Reilly but that is just marketing crap. Firstly you're not talking about web-anything, but the global Internet. Secondly, the fuzzy collection of guiding principles are just what makes the 'net work - nothing 2.0 about it expect that it took a while for corporate goons to catch on.

Little-known Joe Fact Number Fourteen:
He played brass in F (French Horn, Flugel Horn, et al) in concert band and marching band for well over 6 years.

"I never earned a nickel from another man's sweat!"
--Jack McCann, Eureka.

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And as a parting shot, one of those insufferable Saturday Morning toy advertizements:

The latest from RCN!
 Way really COOL Dinosaur's Blood for Happy Fun Ball! 
Some assembly required.