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You live your life like love's on ration - where's the passion?

-Fad Gadget

Every page on the net is "under construction". These pages are "under mutation"; they change every time they are visited, barring a few nescessary constants. If you're lazy enough to stay here fifteen minutes and your browser supports META tags, we'll reload the page for you.

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Little-known Joe Fact Number Seven:
He ran the first WWW server at WPI in 1993. It started out on a CS machine, migrated to the CCC machines, and became a term project for a pilot interdisciplinary course.

"Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere."
-- Elie Wiesel, Nobel acceptance speech 1986

I suggest checking out the Mid-Atlantic Infoshop; ASAP.

Want more spew? Whatever you do, beware the Headless Cow!

And as a parting shot, the Weekly World Spew's movie theatre coming attractions:

   Just in time for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

   FEEL the Sheer *Sphincter-Clenching* TERROR of

  *** Ferocious Mutants from Planet X ***

   Together With the Equally Throat-Gripping

   *** Revolt of the Mutant Ogres ***

   Free Smelling Salts will be given to people whose
   names begin with V!