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A country cannot support the "rule of law" by subverting it.

Every page on the net is "under construction". These pages are "under mutation"; they change every time they are visited, barring a few nescessary constants. If you're lazy enough to stay here fifteen minutes and your browser supports META tags, we'll reload the page for you.

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Simple misspellings. "Caching" is correct - "cacheing" is not.

Little-known JZP Fact Number 8:
He is angry at humanity for not living up to its potential.

"Any sufficiently advanced understanding of technology is indistinguishable from nihilism."
- Joe Provo

I suggest that you hop over to the free, global email-to-fax gateway from The Phone Company.

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And as a parting shot, the Weekly World Spew's movie theatre coming attractions:

   Coming Soon to a Theatre NEAR YOU!

   Experience the *Blood-Chilling* terror of

  *** Tower of the Savage Stooges from Another Galaxy ***

   And For the First Time Anywhere

   *** Forbidden Pleasures of the Ozone Crocodiles ***

   You won't believe your eyes!!!!