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Does fuck you sound simple enough?

-Sonic Youth

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Totally Random Crimson Fact Number Nineteen:
He converted H Mackeirnan to the Church of the SubGenius for the sole purpose of having H's buy-in on producing the World Premiere of Brooks Carruthers' play Killing "Bob". It worked.

"When a philosophy matures and comes to fruition, it can be summed up for short attention spans and long bumper stickers."
--Les U. Knight

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And as a parting shot, the Weekly World Spew's movie theatre coming attractions:

   Super Saver Special movie:

   Witness the AWFUL, BLOODY TRUTH of

  *** Holocaust of the Demon Pit Bulls ***

   With the Action-Packed Second Feature

   *** Slumber Party of the Samurai Au Pair Girls ***

   Vivarin WILL BE Available at the Snackbar!