Lovecraftian Fragments

Textual fragments... Creatures... Places...

Ia! Ia! Ithshebthar! sothn Kadfhtothhu!

That night, I dreamed of The Nameless Temple to Nith-lGohepoo, the Devourer of Souls and its natives. It ruined Cyaglaoth. We lived that day, but I still cannot sleep. I can recall the piping of the foothills now...

Ia! Ia! Kad-Yoggothlei! guthur Miul!

I regret opening that passageway, then maybe I would never have heard of Tardar-dar or The Filthy Temple to Ithurlei, the Devourer of Minds. It destroyed my finger. I was doomed! Cursed from the dawn of time, as predicted by Ibn Ghazi's fragment!

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Joe Provo