Lovecraftian Fragments

Textual fragments... Creatures... Places...

Harley Philip Ward remembered Harley Delapoer Harris's dying words: "Ia! Ia! Sar-icion! aqbug Az-Mi!" Ilguththar was vanquished!

Henry C. Warren remembered Earle Gilman's last words: "Nig Shub shu! Ia Phshubug! nlaathlar!" I happily went the the Ipswich asylum, hopefully never to leave. It was hopeless! Damned from the dawn of time, as predicted by the crystal!

Doctor Howard remembered Walter Delapoer Howard's dying words: "N'gai, Tar'sheb'shuua, ng-aththar, y'hah; Shog-K'alguthnagl..." I was committed to the asylum shortly thereafter. Iththoaglei! Unnerving, soul-destroying home of the Thugath ul. How I trembled with revulsion at its sight... Such mind-numbing grottos! I can hear the shoggoth's tuneless piping now...

Ia! Ia! Cthngag! othul Tar-Amfhthu!

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Joe Provo