Lovecraftian Fragments

Textual fragments... Creatures... Places...

Dr. Henry D. Gilman recalled Earle Warren's last words: "Kad'bugo mglw'nafh Nithicnai Nignek in'tep thora!" It destroyed Shub-Yog in time. But I know that just beyond the stars, R'lnagl-tur lies in wait for the next time someone, like poor Henry Delapoer Gilman, tries to pull back the veil.

N'gai, Oo'hepo'hepohu, gurg-urlei, y'hah; Y'hatho...

Doctor Randolph Harris recalled Walter C. Whately's last words: "Nig Dag oth! Ia Y'ha-sothgog! aqthogogar!"

Ia! Ia! Shubninthar! gurguth Thug-Sarsothdar!

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Joe Provo