Lovecraftian Fragments

Textual fragments... Creatures... Places...

Doctor Harley Dexter Gilman recollected Howard D. Ward's last words: "N'gai, Nig'n'uragn, ng-fhthu, y'hah; Yogulgur..." I felt the presence of Shogthar.

Dr. Randolph Dexter Gardner recalled Carrington Gilman's dying words: "N'gai, lGo'shog'ngnai, shebg-lanek, y'hah; lGobugtep..." I was eternally banished to R'lotharnek, Temple of Innumerable Pleasures. Misbug! Mindless, overwhelming home of the Yogagn-agn. How I trembled with sorrow at its sight... Such atrocious planets! I can recall the piping of the foothills now...

That night, he languidly dreamed of Oo-aqoth, Grotto of Eleven Fears and the things that thrived in that hostile environment. It destroyed Ith-gurgog the Damned Filth in time.

The Abandoned Phylactery of Shub-laoth

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