Is It Really What It Is (Parent)

Never come through when I'm in a bind
Leave me with the bag and you've lost my
My trust in you, you let me down

Trusting you just threw wood onto the fire
Hear people talk and I would call them a liar
I know that I was naive

Gave you my trust and you gave me deception
Don't know who to believe or in which direction to turn
Turn myself in

What did I do to have this torture thrust upon me
I'm disillusioned with the way that you treat me
I don't, don't need you no more

Is it really what it is
Is it really real
Is my friendship and trust just for you to steal
How does it make you feel

Why do you want to cut me down
And see how much I can stand from you
Is it because your really insecure
And you don't know how to show that you love me

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