From: Impact Magazine (Toronto), April 1994
Author: Unknown

Last modified on October 2, 1995.

At long last comes this Toronto band's debut CD. It was worth the wait -- this is a gorgeous recording that should push the band onto the international scene. An April March crafts the kind of luxurious pop that built the 4AD label, but this is no Cocteau Twins tribute band. They've built a solid following in the local club scene that's based on their own merits, thank you very much. And the 14 songs on Impatiens document just how far they've come since they formed in 1989. Danella Hocevar's vocals are a treat. They're a rich complement to the musical swirl behind her, without getting lost in airiness. The bass is another highlight. It's big and chunky and always right there. It adds that rhythmic quality that so many bands in this vein can't hold. In all, a pleasant respite from the current onslaught of guitar and bass machismo.

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