An April March

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Released December 1993
Cartwheel Recordings CD/Cassette # CACD0293/CACS0293


All the Flowery
Scarlett Bliss
Over My Head
Gates Within
The Last of Ariadne
This Silence
Of leaves and sweetness
Wishing for Rain
This Ivory (live)
Stains (live) [CD only]
This Silence (live) [Cassette only]

Liner Text:

Composed by Hocevar, Lambke, Perry.
Produced and Arranged by An April March.
All lyrics by Danella Hocevar.
(C) 1990, 1991, 1992, An April March. SOCAN.
Published 1993, Cartwheel Recordings.

Tracks 3,6,9 recorded and mixed at Umbrella Sound, Toronto. July-August, 1991.
Tracks 2,7,8,10-12 recorded and mixed at Umbrella Sound, Toronto. August-September, 1992.
Engineered by James Stanley and Chris Perry.
Tracks 1,4,5 recorded at Sheridan College, Oakville. April, 1993.
Engineered by Chris Perry and Jason Nahrgang.
Mixed at Chemical Sound, Toronto. August, 1993.
Engineered by Chris Perry.
Tracks 13-14 recorded live December 17, 1992 at The Rivoli, Toronto by CFNY's Discovery Music Mobile.
Engineered by Orest Sushko.
Mixed at Master's Workshop, Rexdale. February, 1993.
Engineered by Chris Perry and Orest Sushko.

Digitally mastered by Peter Moore at M.D.I., Toronto. October, 1993.

Drums by Derek Millar, except drums by Joel Walsh on tracks 3,6,9.

Photography by Richard Blonski.
Cover art taken from Raphaello Sanzio's "Madonna col Bambino e Santi".
Cover arrangement and typeset by John W. Bast.

Thanks due to:
Our friends and families, Meredith Bannon, Sheila Britton, CFNY-FM, Campus Radio, and James Stanley.

An April March
2238 Dundas Street West,
P.O. Box 59070
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M6R 3B5

Our world
divided the two of us -- forever.
We were too näive
to be anything but perfect.
-- Of leaves and sweetness

Danella Hocevar -- Voice, Guitar
Michael Klüg -- Drums
Robert Lambke -- Bass Guitar, Guitar
Christopher Perry -- Guitar, Keyboards

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