Per pale gules and Or, a cross quadrate couped, counterchanged.

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      I am known in these Current Middle Ages as Lady Eleanor fitzPatrick. I live in the Shire of Quintavia in the Kingdom of the East. The gentleman in the other picture above is my husband, Lord Duncan Kerr. We are both members of the household known as Duchy Tarragon. And, to be perfectly honest, the picture of me above was taken about 40 pounds ago, so don't use it as an exact guide you're trying to find me at an event.

      My main interests in the Society are equestrian activities, costuming and service. I research and re-create clothing from the various times and places covered by the Society. I also have the word "sucker" tattoed on my forehead, which explains the service part.

      To the left are links to the various things I currently have on this site. Be warned that the event photo pages are are pretty large and may take a while to download.

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