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      Warrensburg, NY
      July 3-5, 1998.

      All of Duchy Tarragon attended this event, including Their Highnesses Brion and Anna.  We were there to see Baroness Rosalind recieve her Court Barony and Mistress Elisheva her Pelican.  I completely forgot I had my camera until we were packing up Sunday morning, so I only have pictures of a couple of our tents, and the houppelande I was wearing that morning.
      My old tent, and my husband.  That shiny thing on the ground is his shield.  In this picture the tent is only half-painted.  When it's finished it will have narrow vertical stripes on the walls and roof, with a roof-cap of some sort. 
      The "big tent".  We use this one for dining, parties, and general hanging out.  It belongs to TRH Brion & Anna.  You can only see about 1/3 of it here, because HRH Anna made me promise to leave her out of the picture since she was still in her pajamas.
      TRH Brion and Anna's personal tent, looking a bit worse for wear.  We'd had heavy rains the night before this picture and the wet ropes weren't quite doing their job.
      The new bed we built.  It hadn't been stained yet because we wanted to make sure it was sturdy before spending all that time and effort.  It's reversible - putting the head and foot boards this way makes the bed tall enough to fit the dog crates underneath.  When the crates aren't there, it can be flipped so that it isn't so tall.
      The view from the doorway of the big tent.  More and more people have period tents now, which I think is great. 
      The new Baroness of the Court, Her Excellency Rosalinde De Witte, who is going to be really mad at me when she finds out I put this picture on the web. :)
      Lord Duncan (my husband) made this chest for me from sixteen-inch wide boards.  This picture doesn't do it justice - it really is very pretty.
      The rest of the inside of our tent, with the clothesrack showing.  As you can see, it's pretty light inside the tent.
      Me, wearing Duncan's houpelande.  The ground was wet and I didn't want to wear anything that could wick up the water, so I borrowed this.  I'm standing funny like this to show off the dagging.  I think it's pretty decent for my first houpelande, and it's very comfortable.
      This is Sarah, Baroness Rosalinde's daughter.  I promised her I'd put her picture on my web page.
      My dogs, their playpen, my chair and my banner.
      HRH Anna's throne.  I'm building a similar chair, but not out of mahogany! Mine is hemlock, and the seat and back will be leather, like a director's chair.

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