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      aka Gulf Wars VIII

      Below are some highlights from Gulf Wars 8. I really didn't get many good pictures from the war, thanks to the rain. These are just my favorites, or the ones I thought best showed off the event. Click on any picture for a larger version. My thanks to Lady Mahliqa bint Ali Zibec for taking the procession pictures.
      The Heirs of the East at opening ceremonies. The castle/fort in the background is used for battles.
      One of my favorite things from Gulf Wars - this is a 3 wheeled golf cart made up to look like a horse for security patrols.
      Gylgryst's crest and helm for the Emprise (which got cancelled on account of rain)
      Another unique item: a Flintstones(tm) type longboat. There are cut-outs below the benches for the "rowers" to put their feet through to walk the boat along.
      Plague babies!
      This seige engine (a trebuchet?) was used during the battles to hurl foam rocks and "diseased carcasses" into the castle.
      A view from one of the towers of the castle.
      The same tower, looking in the other direction along the castle walls. The people are Hanse and Moruadh, Prince and Princess of the East and Hanse's squire, Lord Aegis

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