At the Ruggero I's conquest, the kingdom of Elymri held only the western third of the island of Sciela. By the time of the dissolution of the monarchy about AZ 952, it had been the greatest power in the Ocean, and also the pawn of the other great powers. Between the coronation of Ruggero I and the creation of the Kantrad, the scions of the Damiani, Urquardo, Meliflu, and Harono families were kings, queens, regents, artists, philosophers, sorcerors, despots, resistance fighters, courtesans and priestesses. Now, at last, their story can be told in The ENCYCLOPEDIA ELYMRIA!

New information from the Royal Archives, personal interviews with servants of the TextFormattingRules great houses, and depositions taken during the collaboration trials of the scions of the Houses Lesser, bring you the true history of Elymri for the first time, using the new four-color manuscript process and the magic of daemonic printery!

The Encylopedia Elymria is a Lexicon game. We will be using this permutation of the Lexicon Ruleset and any additional questions can be addressed here. We encourage our Players to write a little bit about themselves and to write a little bit about the scholars they play. Meta-game commenting is encouraged in the Discussion? area.

Without further ado: The Encylopedia Elymria

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