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The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged) - 2004

by Adam Long, Reed Martin, and Austin Tichenor
Director: Diane Jordan
Producer: Mike Roberts

The Family Jewels - 2003

by Andy Gregg
Director: Mike Roberts
Producer: Josh True

Newton's Second Law - 2003

by Sam Forman
Director: Tara Ellsworth
Producer: Josh True

The Complete History of America (abridged) - 2002

by Adam Long, Austin Tichenor, Reed Martin
Director: Jony Balboni
Producer: Mike Roberts

Noises Off - 2001

by Michael Fryan
Director: Rich Miyasaki
Producer: Mike Roberts

The Long Red Herring - 2000

by Pat Cook
Director: Derek Gelinas
Producer: Addi Butler

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) - 1999

by Jess Borgeson et. al.
Director: Jhim Midgett
Producers: Alyssa Marin and Heather Sheldon

The Xerox Effect - 1999

by Catherine Darensbourg
Director: Sue Foss
Producers: Alyssa Marin and Heather Sheldon

The Dreamery - 1998

by Catherine Darensbourg

Don't Call Me Daddeee - 1998

by William Katzman

The Princess and the Troll - 1997

by Tom Russell

'night Mother - 1996

by Marsha Norman

Whirligig - 1996

by Mac Wellman

Mmmmm That's Good Bass! - 1995

Producer: Dawn Varacchi

Incident at San Bojo
by Brad Korbesmeyer
Directors: Kenny Colock and Jesse Parent

Ord-way Ames-gay
by Susan Vick
Director: Todd Dibble

Seven Blowjobs
by Mac Wellman
Director: H MacKiernan

Frozen Fish - 1994

Producer: Jeremy Medicus

by Rob Everton
Director: Katie Horning

Orion's Belt
by Anonymous
Director: Kat Freeman

Welcome to the Moon
Director: Andrew Hansford

The Case of the Sorid Affairs
by Kevin Dahm & Brian Weissman

Beyond Therapy & Dry Ice - 1993

Producer: Amy J. Vaillancourt

I Travel
by Dean O'Donnell
Directors: Helene Andersson & Jonathan Drummey

Beast Incarnate
by Brian Freeman
Director: Dawn Varacchi

The Miracle of Life or Just When You Thought You Were Going to Bed Early Someone Sets the Clocks Ahead, A Tragedy in One Act
by Steve Delfino
Director: Franklin Russell

Beyond Therapy
by Christopher Durang
Director: Scott Runstrom

Voices of the Past - 1993

Producer: Rob Douglas

Room 20
by Ann Palmer

Speech 101
by Rob Everton

End of the World, Tentatively
by Brian Weissman

It All Depends on How You Look at It
by David Ciatti

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