International Police Organization - Space Fleet Insignia

Eyrie Productions, Unlimited is a group of exceedingly good writers who happen to specialize in the authorship of what is referred with occasional disdain as "fanfiction." Their oldest project, collectively entitled Undocumented Features, is a truly massive body of work, involving centuries of ongoing story and elements of just about anything, fiction or otherwise, that the authors think is cool and can find a way to incorporate. The Eyrie crew have many fans and no small quantity of detractors. The fans spend time posting to the Eyrie Web site's forum area, discussing all manner of topics with both the authors and each other.

During one such discussion, readers were commenting on the uniform of the International Police Organization's Space Force (the IPO itself was taken from an anime called Giant Robo, but the Space Force subdivision is original to Undocumented Features). Someone asked about the insignia pinned to the uniform. While it apparently is not taken from any particular source material and signifies nothing more than the IPO-SF's logo, the Forum thread was useful in getting a better idea of what the insignia's supposed to look like.

But no one actually proceeded to create an image of the insignia, and so I decided to. It was a simple enough design, all told, with the exception of fiddling about with exactly what the background transverse bar was supposed to look like. So, armed with xfig, xv, and descriptions from the Forum thread and the relevant chapters of Undocumented Features, I set to work. A short while later, I was done. These are available with both the original white background, and with the white made transparent.

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Original: [IPO-SF insignia]

With transparent background: [IPO-SF insignia w/transparency]

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