SBleep-0, or Super Bleep-o is the software version of a groove box (synthesizer w/ sequencer) that I designed on paper sometime during college. The basic idea is to have two short melodies playing at the same time...and then smash their waveforms together like particle accelerators! There are two melody generators, each with their own sequencer and oscillator. Each oscillator has a small number of waveforms it can create. And what's that in the middle?

The Non-Linear Waveform Combiner

This is the atom smasher that gives "Sblee" all its unique power. You see, adding together two melodies has been done- for several hundred years. Bu this millenium? It's all about non-linear waveform mixing! When you multiply, for example, two melodies together, you are instantly transported into another space. The theories which generated the scales that created the melodies are instantly lost in space-wind. Take a listen to some of the examples. You'll hear various other non-linear waveform combinations, like XOR, A+B with clipping, A being used to shift B to the left or right, and others too complex to explain!


  • loop1 (wav) - wild changes
  • loop2 (wav) - groovy repetitions with zincy chime
  • loop3 (wav) - boogie with crazy squeals
  • loop4 (wav) - videogame IDM like
  • loop5 (wav) - radio tuning rhythm

    An Instrument

    S-Bleepo is not merely some demonstration framework for a new technical idea- it's meant to be a new instrument! That's why there are composition functions in there, such as oscillator sync, accurate Tempo Syncing (BPM) and portamento. Moreover, you can *sequence* the combination functions. This leads to highly rhythmic effects with rapid, controllable timbre changes.


    And if all that isn't enough, I invented something called Arpeggimonics to really tweak out the sound. Want to know what it does? Read the documentation I wrote:

    SBleepo Safety Tips (local pdf)

    History of Development

    S-Bleepo was originally implemented by myself as a perl script. Once I played it for my friend, he was so excited by it, he converted it into a VST Plugin and got it up on our ultra-modern webpage DSPerado (Internet link) for people to download! So, we all have him to thank for it! And let's not forget to encourage him to release the next version, with even more combination functions!!!

    Try it out now

    So, now, I'm providing you with the actual VST plugin (for Win32):

    SBleepo23.dll sbleepo23.zip (local)

    And if you're on the Internet, go download now one of many cool applications that can run Sbleepo:

    Download page of the AudioMulch Web Page (Internet)


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