Non-Documented Projects

These are all projects which I have significantly developed, but haven't made web pages for. Soon, soon!


Palm Pilot software for MIDI sequencing and control

Entropy Drumbeat

Information theory and rhythm composition

Multirate Polynomial Series

Using genetic algorithms to find Taylor series for waveshaping functions.

Frequency Inversion Distortion

Experiments performing waveshaping distortion inside the inverted frequency domain.


Combining Band-Limited Impulse Trains with Linear Feedback Shift Registers to yield an oscillator with fantastic sounds and realtime control

Inverted IIR

By inverting the difference equation for the state variable filter, I hope to remove all filter sweeps from the last 30 years of electronic music!

Sine XOR

Signal processing challenge to explore the effects of bitwise XOR on the words of sampled streams.


Using the input of an audio stream as the control for a state machine.

Text Fx

A small set of perl programs I wrote to operate on audio files stored in simple text format.

Some Composed Music

I record and perform music under the name Snackmaster.

Musical Gear Ratios

Since I saw Einstuerzende Neubauten play a concert, it's been a dream of mine to build a musical instrument which generates sound with a series of harmonic-related gears.

Bird at Window

A friend of mine has a webcam trained on his bird feeder. I wrote some DSP code to discriminate the frames containing the birds and squirrels from the frames containing passersby or emptiness.


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