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What Happens When You Spend Too Much Time Around Office Supplies

I don't know exactly why I got the idea for this. However, at same point, I simply said, I want to print out something that I can use as a guide to draw a picture using only highlighters (or as Herbert Kornfeld would say "Highlightaz").

Yeah, so, I made this program that reads in a .jpg file, smooths it out a little bit, adds a bit of noise to excite a ditherer, and spits out something like this file. There is a simple key to that file. The p means pink, the o means orange, the x means black, g's mean green, and periods mean leave it white! What you do is start on the left side, and scan to the right. (sorry lefties, I'll work on a variation for you real soon now!) What you do is send that file to a printer, then color it in. It would probably be very fun to create greeting cards and things like that.

The program also generates a jpg preview and a mini report that tells you how many pen swaps you'll have to do per line. You see, you can make ultra-realistic-looking renderings with a high degree of dither, but it's aggravating to have to swap markers 3,000 times. So, instead, you can dial up a blurriness factor (2-d gaussian filter) to reduce the detail.

Here are some previews of pictures.

This is my friend Liz:

Click here for the print-out you can color

This is Noam Chomsky:

Click here for the print-out you can color

This is a cute picture of two doggies:

And finally, my friend Steve:


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