Portfolio Noah Vawter. Collage


A group of collages I did for a zine called En Retard.

The first one is called "The Practice." You may have your own
interpretation, but my intention was to represent a person
progressing through several environments. There are water, swamp,
sky and an ethereal wall. Most of the elements are printer errors,
which I saved during my workstudy job.

This one is meant to capture the final, frenzied moments
before a mind under stress committs an act of violence.
I tried to show that there are connections all around,
but they are not necessarily healthy ones.

Some elements were taken from a Scientific American article
on youth violence. Others were taken from Marvin Minsky's
_Society_of_Mind_. The background is a sketch I made while
waiting in line at the DMV.

This one depicts a ceremony from a foreign culture.
It's based on a skull fractal I generated with my own
software, as well as some elements you may recognize.

This one is just supposed to be scary! The background is
complex, having been photocopied and reduced a dozen
times. The theme is information overload, including
complex concepts like the modulation domain,
vortex flow, and copies of itself reduced.


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