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Chiclet - Continuously Evolving Music

Imagine for a moment a long song. One which has good-quality instruments and takes you through some nice memories as you hear it. In fact, the song is one of your favorites, so good you can listen to it a dozen times before it gets repetitive. Eventually, though, like most, it does wear out for one of many reasons. Either the instruments don't sound good anymore, the melody has become too predictable, or it might be as complex as hearing it in an unpleasant circumstance creating an unpleasant connection. That is one of the dangers of today's static music.

Chiclet is going to change that completely. Like your favorite songs, it can be pre-recorded and you can carry it around with you like a CD player. However, songs on a Chiclet player are not the same every time you listen to them. Each time you listen, the song is slightly different, and, as a human does, the song grows a little bit. After a dozen listens, a piece of music is still recognizable, but it has incorporated some new ideas, changed its tempo and lengthened the guitar solo. Best of all, you get to choose which changes to the song remain. If a good change occurs, improving the song, you can keep it forever. If a song has an unpleasant sound due to an emotional connection, you can remove it forever.

News Flash!

My group, the DSPMusic Syndicate, entered Chiclet into an international art competition, and won third place! You can see the brief description by clicking here .

The DSP Music Syndicate

The above ideas were first initiated by Ethan Bordeaux. He met with Brian Whitman, Ben Recht and myself to realize his ideas. We designed the pieces of hardware you see above and have been fine-tuning the programming for approximately one year. We believe this will fascinate millions of people.


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