Ensoniq Mirage Hacking

An Assembler for the 6809- the CPU inside the Mirage.

6809 Assembler

DOS Tools for Reading and Write Mirage floppies! very nice.

Mirage Tools

Circuit diagram for buffering a signal before feeding it into the mirage's filter chips. by Gordon Pearce.


A simulator for the CPU inside the Mirage. Plus, I've added special messages when Mirage hardware (filters, Q-Chip) is accessed! Use the included mirage.hex file. It's the ROM code and the Mirage OSv3.2 together.

I've also added the capability to read Motorola S1 files such as mos32.hex as produced by Tim Victor- just remove the debugger instructions at the top of his files. Source code to sim6809 included. A "merci beaucoup" to the french guy who originally wrote it and made it open software.


Spec for the Cartridge Expansion on the Mirage! Oh yeah! I wonder if someone would like to build an IDE harddrive interface for this Mirage? The specs for the OS are available below, and it would be pretty fun to change around the hooks to use a Hard Drive. The IDE spec is here: IDE HD spec

Another project idea for the expansion port is an LCD screen. simple directions to attach and LCD to a 6502 interface are here: LCD

Mirage Cartridge port expansion specification

A cool guy who has done some marvelous work hacking the Mirage OS This page has mucho mirage hacking info. Basically, everything that I don't have here, including links to Rainer's page, which kicks ass, too.

Tim Victor's Mirage Hacking

Another cool guy who has created stereo outputs for his Mirage. Also includes spec link for the CEM3328 Resonant filter chips!

Don Slepian's Mirage Hacking

The disk format of the Ensoniq Mirage. Anyone volunteer to Modify Rainer Buchty's program (sq80toolkit) in order to read Ensoniq Mirage disks from Linux!?

Mirage Disk Format #1

Mirage Disk Format #2

Sampling Config, Command, Config, Wavesample

Graphics Text

Keyboard/Program, General Keyboard, WaveSample, Envelope, Envelope Modulation

Parameters and commands for the Ensoniq Mirage

Graphics Text

MIDI System Exclusive Sysex for the Ensoniq Mirage

You can change any values using the front panel that you want via MIDI!

How to press buttons on the front panel using MIDI

You can upload and download Programs, too

Upload/Download programs and Program Format

This page has links to practically everything else about in the Mirage on the Internet

Other Mirage Links