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Determined to create unique electronic sounds.


Synth-DIY Wiki

DIY Synthesizers with the STM32F4 chip

Exertion Instruments wiki

Synth Shopping

The "Death Synth"

EZ-Kit 2181 DSP Kit Hacking

ASR-X hacking

DSP Music Box-Chiclet

Hand-Held Music

Synthesizer Hacking (esp. Ensoniq)

Music Programming Specs (perl, MIDI, .wav, etc.)

Hardware Specs (sp/dif, IDE)

Fresh Homemade Music Projects You Can Do

SID Chip Stuff

Video Game Console Sound Chip Round-Up

DIY MIDI Interfaces

MIDI Web Toys

Unique Music Equipment

Video from Audio

Musical groups/bands/people

Radio Stations

Yipes! I am getting sucked inside a infinite meta-state of The White Knight's colorful complexities--- It sounds like internal paranoid breakdown...