Links to other EZ-Kit Websites

Sophocles Orfanidis

*Awesome* examples and tutorial---completely dedicated to the 2181 and audio effects...starts off simple, gets complex.

Yves Chiasson

A list member with some good info and a very nice picture including a max154 schematic for the ez-kit lite!

21xx Underground Appnote Index

some interesting, and possibly illegal information!!!

.MOD player & disassembler

Holy Cow! This guy has programmed a MOD player and disassembler for the ez-kit lite! Go ahead, and download this site from BULGARIA!

A gathering of many music-DSP code authors

Online Tutorial, many code examples. Purchasable CD of development software.

Christian Berczely's home page

Some EZ-Kit Lite software, including a quick DOS Uploader and Mac uploader.

A detailed tutorial on programming the 2181 DSP .

  • What other FAQ's can I read?

    These are all from Analog Devices, but dead now...sigh:

    Can I contribute to this website?

    You betcha! Go ahead and send me- e-mail. e-mail i am interested in software, pictures, schematics, pcb's, algorithms, and more FAQ questions.