Or you can get a MIDI Interface for your Palm Pilot and connect that interface to your EZ-Kit's MIDI. You can find the Pilot MIDI interface here, for about $30 in kit form: MIDI Interface for the Pilot

Can I attach an LCD screen to my EZ-Kit?

Sure! There are two ways.

  • The first way is recommended by Analog Devices using the I/O Memory space. It requires an extra IC...a TTL data buffer Here are ADI's instructions, along with example code! LCD Interface (broken) LCD Interface (broken)

    Schematics for the 2nd method available here.

  • The 2nd way is to connect the LCD interface to the PF I/O pins on the ez-kit. Run the LCD interface in 4-bit mode, and you will only require 6 or 7 I/O pins on the ez-kit.

    Can I attach switches/buttons to my EZ-Kit?

    I used the PF0-3 inputs to add four buttons. They are read on boot-up to determine which program to run. Click Here to see a picture Click Here to see reverse side

    You can find a code example in the boot monitor of release 0.8 and above

    Can I attach Compact Flash to my Ez-Kit?

    Probably. You can connect it to the 2191 ez-kit, so why not? Here's the 2191 instructions.

    Can I attach an IDE hard drive to my EZ-Kit?

    Yes. At least one person has done that so far somewhere, back when the kit first came out, but their web page is unknown, and I didn't grab the info when I could. Anyway, here's the IDE spec for you: IDE HD spec

    Can I upgrade my EZ-Kit's SRAM?

    Yes, you can add 16 Kwords (48 KB) of external instruction memory and 16 KWords (64KB) of external data memory WITH ABSOLUTELY NO GLUE LOGIC! HOW? It's in the Programmer's Reference Manual for the 2181 that comes with the Ez-Kit Lite! Hopefully, we'll put up PCB's for a daughtercard to let you do this, although that extra memory can be tricky to access.

    Can I add SIMM's or DRAM to my EZ-Kit?

  • One suggestion involves directing DMA accesses to a Programmable Logic Device which contains a state machine to read from DRAM. The data could either be re-read from the CPU bus, or injected into the internal memory using the IDMA port. Please, if you have any experience with this sort of thing, contact us.
  • Another suggestion: a friend of mine claims it is possible to use PIO to control DRAM "very easily." Perhaps sometime we'll get to take a deeper look, but he outlined it for me. basically, using TTL Buffers, you map some pins to the Address Bus, and some pins to control signals, including CAS/ and RAS/. Then, configure the output to be a read port into your CPU.....sounds simple!

    Can I add more inputs and outputs to my EZ-Kit?

    Yes, you can. However, not easily. It is possible to daisy-chain additional 1847 Codecs, which supply 2 inputs and outputs each. Hopefully, we'll have a some examples of code for this eventually. In the meantime, you can find app notes on doing that on Analog Devices' 2181 webpages.