Development Questions

  • How does the code get in the hardware? Is there a computer link or is it an EPROM set-up? (Brian)

    You can use a windows/mac program to send your program into the DSP's memory, but it will disappear when you power off. Much better is to get a flash memory chip to replace the ROM on your EZ-Kit. A Flash chip lets you save 8 different programs that you can instantly recall.

  • What is the biggest EPROM I can stick in my EZ-Kit?

    8Mb, or 1MB, which is enough for 333KWords of program memory, or 512KWords of data memory. Although most programs appear to be approximately 5-40KB on your disk, the format (annoyingly labeled .EXE) in which they're stored on disk is ASCII. Therefore, if you use our bootloader program to store your programs in EPROM, then they will only take up about half as much space.

  • Can I program the EZ-Kit in C?

    Yes! There is a compiler that you can buy from Analog Devices, and they also offer gcc for free for the 2181! I have successfully built this compiler under Linux, and Analog Devices claims it builds for Sparc, too. I have not yet tested it, though, as I do all of my development in assembly so far, because it's fun getting to know all of the DSP's slick assembly commands...

  • Can I develop using a Macintosh?

    I haven't seen an assembler for the macintosh, however, I have seen an uploader program for the macintosh, a complete clone of the windows monitor program. Here is the site: ezkitapp.hqx

  • Can I develop using Linux?

    I haven't seen an assembler for the 2181 yet, and there is no downloader prg, either. Also, I have not tested it with dosemu. It is possible though, to write such a program oneself... It is basically consisting of writing data and program word writes through the console port...if you have experience with talking to serial ports in linux, it's the project for you!

  • What other sources are there for development info?

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