Skank is a simultaneous effect prozessor. It scales pitch, distorts, ring and/or pulse-width modulates and echoes incoming audio. One-of-a-kind features like: delay buffer can be held and played back at precise frequencies on the Western 12-tone scale. Pitch scaler transforms over a wide range ( -24 <-> +103 semitones) and possesses adjustable portamento capability. Distortion is *very* touchy and sounds like there's some kind of bug in it. In fact, the whole thing is grundgey and crazy.

You adjust the 14 effect parameters in real-time using MIDI controller messages. The controller numbers are compatible with Brian Whitman's Hedgehog if you would to change effects rapidly in synchronization with a MIDI clock. I also recommend you take a look at his program Tractor Pull if you would like to send 8 LFO's of controller messages!


  • Example 1 (mp3) Pitch w/some feedback
  • Example 2 Pitch w/ ramp LFO
  • Example 3 Atari anyone? Distortion
  • Example 4 My favorite
  • Example 5 Hold Buffer
  • Spooky Example (pulse width mod for that "wet panty" effect!)
  • Example ( a long one )
  • Good Night Example (long Pulse Width)

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  • Skank v0.1


  • Skank Controller Numbers


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