How to Modify your EZ-Kit to Use an am29f040B

If you're using an am29f010, then you should go here instead.

This has not yet been verified, but it seems this is the sequence to get a 4 megabit chip working with the ez-kit lite:

Enable A17:

1 - Scratch out JP3 on the board.

2 - Jumper across JP4 on the board.

Enable WE (write enable).

3 - Scratch out the trace between DSP A18 and Flash socket pin #31.

4 - Connect the WR/ signal from the DSP (P2, pin 39) to Flash socket pin #31.

Enable A18.

5 - Scratch out the trace between DSP A19 and Flash socket pin #1.

6 - Connect the A18 signal from the DSP (it uses D20 which is at P2, pin 35) to Flash socket pin #1.