How to Modify your EZ-Kit to Use Flash Memory

this page is for the am29f010. If you're using an am29f040, then you should go here instead.

Hi! In order to use Flash memory, the DSP on your EZ-Kit Lite has to be able to send the WR/ ( spoken: write-bar) signal to the flash memory chip socket. The EZ-Kit was only really designed to work with EPROM/PROM, so you'll have to make this connection yourself, or have a friend help if you've never touched a soldering iron before.

So, follow the pictures, and good luck!


Okay, turn your ez-kit over, and hold it like so. Make sure the serial, audio and power connectors are ALL UNPLUGGED! (notice my sexy, fuzzy velcro on the rubber feet)

What you're going to do

You're going to solder one wire on, and you're going to cut one trace on the board! The wire you're going to solder on is the BLUE ONE in the BOTTOM RIGHT of the picture. IGNORE the red ones and the blue one at the top of the picture; they're for other weird functions I can't get into right now. (dig all my velcro!)

Cut the Trace First

take a close look at the EPROM socket pins in this next photo... See pin #1? It has a SQUARE hole, instead of a CIRCULAR one. Nearby (direction: down), you'll see a scratched-up bit. This is the trace you must cut. Use an exacto knife, and simply scratch away.

You will go through several layers. First, you will scrape the thin green lacquer off. Then, the trace will appear very shiny. Scrape that shiny, gold-colored trace away. When you are done, you should really get a multimeter, and VERIFY that there is no connectivity from one side of the trace to the other! This is important, because there is so much fiberglass and stuff in the way, you can't tell just by looking at the board.

Connect a wire

The wire runs from P2 pin 39 (the header on the ezkit) to the EPROM socket, pin #31.

You can either count from pin 1 up to 39 on the ez-kit board, or use this picture to help you find P2 pin 39. It' the 6th one down, on the left.

Again, it's the WIRE on the RIGHT in this picture, NOT the one at the top.

Use this picture to help you find pin 31 on the EPROM socket

(dig that crazy reflection off of my camera's lens- the quarter-circle shape)


You are now "cool."

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