Version 0.2 is now here! It's terrificer! take a look!

  • The Palm Pilot software (v0.2)(4KB)
  • The Palm Pilot software (v0.1)

    Use this PalmOS app to load and run programs on your ez-kit lite. Press one of the "Slot" buttons to send a command to the EZ-Kit Lite Monitor that loads and runs the program in that slot. You should have already burned the program into the flash using your PC. If you haven't done that yet, instructions are here.

    With version 0.2, you can now keep track of what programs are stored in your flash using your palm pilot. Simply enter their names in the fields next to the slot numbers. They are saved when you exit the app, and loaded automagically when you start it up. it's cool! try it!

    And while you're at it, don't forget to load up your palm with that fantastic piece of software Tractor Pull! . For ALL of your MIDI controller message-sending needs! And, best of all, it's FREE!