Shifty's Synth of Death

Death Synth is a monophonic dual-oscillator synth. Its complex sounds are the result of its unique synthesis algorithm features, which are obscure, patented, and irreproducible with analog or modular equipment. External sounds can be mixed in and/or processed. When controlled by a Palm Pilot or MIDI, it makes for a portable sound extravaganza, since it is extrmely "controller friendly."


  • Demo Song by Blitter
  • Demo Loop 1 (mp3)
  • Demo Loop 2 (adds kick drum)
  • Demo Loop 3
  • Demo Loop 4

    download software

  • The EZ-Kit Lite software (v1.2)
  • Palm Pilot Software that controls Death Synth


  • Death Synth Controller Numbers
  • Waveforms with magnitude spectra


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