Yes, I know they're not really kids. No, I don't really baby talk to them. Talk to them yes, baby talk no.

The Kids

There are more that need to be added here, but this is the start of the menagerie.

This is Linus.

I share him with Mike . He is very sweet and a wonder at parties. We're still working on how he gets along with these guys:

This is CC. She's one of my first cats, and she sleeps this way because she is trying to avoid you. That and her ideas about what is comfortable is a wonder to us all.

This is Zaphod. He is the fattest cat ever, but he is extremely sweet. We're pretty sure he must be part bear or something. Oh, yeah, his full name is Zaphod Beeblebrox and his title is President of the Universe.

This is Zaphod with his sister Cassiopeia (aka. Cassiopeanut, she only weighed about 4lbs I think). She was also very sweet and these two were definately best friends.