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Lorenz Attractor Source Code Documentation

This appendix contains the source code used in experimenting with the Lorenz attractor. I must admit that my choice to work with the C programming language might be regarded as rather unconventional in the scientific and mathematical communities, given the number of commercially available symbolic and numeric mathematical packages existing today (e.g. MATLAB, Maple, MathCAD, Mathematica). However, for the scope of this project, C offered a higher degree of functionality.

Of the source included here, music.c is the program used to yield the final compositional material. All other programs (music2.c, lorenz.c and lorenz-ng.c) are in an experimental state, but were used in developing the final result.

All source was compiled under Linux kernel 2.0.0 running gcc version 2.7.2 on i486 architecture. Some of the source was compiled under OSF/1 V3.2 on an AlphaServer 2000. The Makefile is provided to facilitate compilation, should the reader wish to verify my results.

Mike Andrews
Wed Oct 23 01:18:29 EDT 1996