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4 Problem Documentation and Project Goals


Real-time multimedia data not only has high bandwidth requirements, but can easily be disturbed by varying delays in the communication channel. For years, people the world over have become used to viewing high bandwidth and constant delay video and audio on televisions. Attempting to packetize that same data with intent to distribute it over delay-varying communication channels such as the Internet has usually failed miserably. Recent attempts to implement multimedia specific enhancements to networking technology such as Quality of Service and streaming have been only mildly successful, with the latter arguably worsening the growing congestion problem on the Internet.

A solution will be presented here that fuses a concept from everyday life with existing network transmission protocol ideas to produce a internetworked multimedia communication channel that yields acceptable results with a lower bandwidth requirement than that necessitated by conventional streaming methods.

Mike Andrews
Wed Mar 19 16:07:58 EST 1997