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co-op multiplayer games for the xbox360

GamePlayersScore *GenreRelease DateNotes
Guitar Hero II292MusicFebruary 1, 2007search terms
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter1690First-Person Shooter, ActionMarch 7, 2006search terms
Call of Duty 21689First-Person Shooter, ActionNovember 15, 2005search terms
Crackdown283Action, DrivingFebruary 1, 2007search terms
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance482Action, Role-Playing GameNovember 1, 2006search terms
Cloning Clyde881ActionJuly 19, 2006search terms
NBA 2K8281Sports, BasketballOctober 1, 2007search terms
Perfect Dark Zero3281First-Person Shooter, ActionNovember 16, 2005search terms
Ace Combat 6: Fires of LiberationMulti80Flight CombatOctober 1, 2007search terms
Doom480First-Person Shooter, ActionSeptember 27, 2006search terms
Alien Hominid HD479Third-Person ShooterMarch 1, 2007search terms
Assault Heroes279Action, Adventure, Shoot 'em UpDecember 13, 2006search terms
Metal Slug 3279ActionJanuary 2, 2008search terms
Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank477Shooter, ActionJanuary 17, 2007search terms
Mutant Storm Reloaded277ShooterNovember 22, 2005search terms
Undertow1676Action, ShooterSeptember 1, 2007search terms
Streets of Rage 2275Action, Beat-'Em-UpAugust 29, 2007search terms
Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions1672Flight Combat Simulation, Action, ShooterSeptember 18, 2007search terms
Omega Five272Action, Shoot-'em-upJanuary 1, 2008search terms
Chromehounds1271Action, Third-Person ShooterJuly 11, 2006search terms
Paperboy271ActionFebruary 14, 2007search terms
Outfit, The870Third-Person ActionMarch 13, 2006search terms
Earth Defense Force 2017269Third-Person ShooterMarch 1, 2007search terms
Golden Axe (XBLA)268Action, Beat-'Em-UpJuly 11, 2007search terms
Joust268Action, PlatformNovember 22, 2005search terms
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII1666Flight Combat Simulation, Action, ShooterMarch 23, 2006search terms
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men266ActionApril 1, 2007search terms
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles466Action, Beat-'Em-UpMarch 14, 2007confirmed
Crash of the Titans265Action, AdventureOctober 2, 2007search terms
Robotron: 2084265ShooterJanuary 6, 2006search terms
Frogger262ActionSeptember 1, 2006search terms
Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires261ActionMarch 28, 2006search terms
Root Beer Tapper261ActionFebruary 7, 2007search terms
Arkadian Warriors260ActionDecember 12, 2007search terms
Spider-Man: Friend or Foe260ActionNovember 1, 2007search terms
Super Contra260Action, ShooterJuly 25, 2007search terms
Soltrio Solitaire259Card GamesMay 16, 2007search terms
Aegis Wing458Shooter, ActionMay 16, 2007search terms
Defender258Action, ShooterNovember 15, 2006search terms
Rush'n Attack258Action, PlatformMay 23, 2007search terms
Double Dragon257Action, Beat-'Em-UpMarch 1, 2007search terms
Gyruss256ShooterApril 18, 2007search terms
Boogie Bunnies255PuzzleJanuary 16, 2008search terms
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom455Action, Role-Playing GameOctober 1, 2006search terms
Samurai Warriors 2 Empires453Third-Person Action, Beat-'Em-Up, StrategyFebruary 27, 2007search terms
Samurai Warriors 2452Third-Person Action, Beat-'Em-UpSeptember 19, 2006search terms
Conflict: Denied Ops250First-Person Shooter, ActionApril 1, 2008search terms
Eragon248Action, AdventureNovember 14, 2006search terms
Shrek-N-Roll248PuzzleNovember 14, 2007search terms
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer445Third-Person Action, AdventureJune 15, 2007search terms
Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal240Action, AdventureNovember 1, 2007search terms
Blazing Angels: Secret Missions16Flight Combat Simulation, Action, ShooterMarch 27, 2007search terms
Crossfire2First-Person Shooter, ActionJune 1, 2007search terms
HazeMultiFirst-Person ShooterFebruary 1, 2007search terms
1XR6xxRacing, Driving, ActionOctober 1, 2006search terms
Army of Two2xxAction, First-Person ShooterJune 1, 2007search terms
Borderlands4xxFirst-Person Shooter, Action, Role-Playing GameOctober 1, 2008search terms
Hellboy4xxAction, Beat-'Em-UpJune 1, 2007search terms
Left 4 Dead8xxFirst-Person Shooter, ActionOctober 1, 2007search terms
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames2xxAction, Adventure, Third-Person ShooterNovember 1, 2007search terms
N+4xxActionApril 1, 2008search terms
Rocketmen: Axis of Evil4xxShooterNovember 1, 2007search terms
Saints Row 22xxAction, AdventureOctober 1, 2008search terms

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